Blush t0nes


The giveaway from a week ago is now closed! Congrats to winners & and thank you all who entered (or even just liked the post).

*the periwinkle jelly sandals are still available, but now it’s on a “first come” basis so just comment if you want them*

Today’s post is centered around my pink-hued look, but it’s also an extension of the previous post as I’m sharing photos from our trip to the nursery by our house! Enjoy all the selfies & greenery (:

The full look

The fit & makeup for our greenhouse day! I’m still playing around with NYX’s Sabrina palette ^ knew I wanted to wear this dress & shoes, so I went for lots of pink eyeshadows + a subtle shade of lip gloss (:

The haul

We got the cutest watering cans + found a friend to hang with our “little pickles” on the front porch! This place feels like it goes on forever, there’s always so much to see. It was such a fun time taking pictures & looking at all the different kinds of plants (and decor) they have to offer. Hopefully once we’re out of this isolation period we can go back again ^-^

Last glance

We actually did all of this early in the morning! So when we got home I changed into comfy clothes (took a few more selfies), took off my makeup, and went to physical therapy. It’s so nice to get up & ready…even thought I haven’t done it at all during this quarantine. Thought I was getting better, but def felt worse yesterday & coughing more today even. I’ll most likely go back to an urgent care center once the 14-days are up. I’ve been healing myself mentally by playing Animal Crossing non-stop, but I think tomorrow I’ll really have a self care day to catch up on my skincare/nails/tweezing/hair/etc. I tried bleaching the ends already, but that epically failed. Wish me luck! I’ll be compiling photos for a whole post on our time spent at home (:

In conclusion, I just wanna spread the positivity! So take a break from news (and Twitter) scrolling to read a few of my blogs or even just skim through the photos cause I know it definitely helps my mood to have a distraction ❤ stay safe & healthy xo

12 thoughts on “Blush t0nes

  1. I like the blush tones hehe, its so right for spring! Looks like you guys had fun and yall are soooo adorable! Have a great week ahead Shannon! ❤

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