April’s n0tes


Welcome to May! As we begin a new month, I’m looking back on the past few weeks feeling very accomplished. I once again set 3 main goals for myself during April, and I’m happy to say I completed them fully & successfully. Let me tell ya…

Get Oscar up to a healthier weight

My poor boy has struggled with not keeping his food down for almost his entire life & honestly, I thought we’d tried everything until last month when we started feeding him this digestive-sensitive dry food every morning. We started out by soaking the kibble in his food bowl with warm water & eventually upgraded to no water mixed it. He didn’t throw it up (which was surprising especially because the food was dry). So we’ve seen him gain the weight he lost in the previous weeks back extremely quickly! Obviously this is much better for him as he’s elderly & losing weight is never a good sign of their health. I’m so relieved to have found a food he can finally enjoy (:

Record a daily food diary

This was really just for fun, so I didn’t include all the screenshots of the full list, but trust me that I did record for the whole month of April! I’m not currently watching my weight, counting calories, etc. but I figured it would be fun to document my diet especially while we’re in quarantine. I got inspired by seeing an açaí bowl a YouTuber I watch made, so we made due with what ingredients we had & came up with some delicious smoothie bowls for breakfast the other day. It’s been a blessing not working lately, so much so that I feel more inclined to actually throw together the stuff we’ve got in the fridge/pantry. Let me know in the comments some food hacks you’ve come up with while the stores are sometimes short on everything!

Dye my ends green

This is the one you’ve all been waiting for ^ I’m separating this final note’s photos into two parts because completing this task did in fact take two not-so-effortless attempts! When I first ordered the dye, the “for brown hair” version of green was on backorder, so I bought their extreme green in hopes I would achieve a similar shade since my ends were lighter than I’d ever had them…sadly, because that dye has a yellow base…my ends just held onto the yellow lol which did look super cool, but it obviously wasn’t the color I was going for!

Now it’s green

Let me preface by saying it looks way more green in person & the camera def doesn’t do the color justice!

I was disappointed with the yellow, so I went back on Overtone’s website & they had the green for brown hair dye in stock! So I ordered two tubs & some daily conditioner…unfortunately, I’m not super skilled (no matter how much Brad Mondo I watch)…and even two tubs didn’t fully saturate the ends of my hair that I’d previously lightened. On the bright side- it turned out such a gorgeous blend of brown, light brown, blonde, yellow, and shades of green that were more mossy + others that were very emerald looking. I’m in love with this color & honestly would get it professionally/permanently dyed this way *if we could go to a salon* so maybe a future idea! Let me know what you think of these new ends in the comments (:

That concludes last month’s notes. I hope you all enjoyed the photos & tidbits of info I wrote up for the goals. This month has been the biggest stress reliever for me, not working, and I’m looking forward to a spectacular May ^-^ have a lovely weekend xo

2 thoughts on “April’s n0tes

  1. OMGGGG I did not see the green coming!!!! I didn’t know how to feel about it at first but the colour in daylight and a few days later turned out super pretty!!! ❤ It's a nice blend of caramel and seaweed and just gives me beach vibes all the way. Love this post!

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