My j0urney with Y0uper


I’ve been using this mood-tracking app called Youper since mid/late January of this year, so I wanted to show some snapshots of my weekly spreads & give a bit of commentary on what’s changed…

Ooh, she moody

Like you can see, there were several ups & downs during these weeks ^ and an abundance of check-ins following my ever changing moods while working. The green and orange are when positive feelings are recorded & those are all when I was home between shifts…keep an eye on this next screenshot lol

Transition to not working

I went out of work on March 18th being sick & even with some symptoms of illness, you can see my mood still skyrocketed once I my requested leave of absence was approved. Since then, I’ve felt extremely less stressed and just generally happier!

On the right track

This is how it should look ^ using my phone less over the past few months, I’ve checked in a lot less with Youper. Mainly I just try to record my overall mood once a day since I’ve been feeling so much better mentally & emotionally. I do think it’s still nice to track any fluctuations, but of course there’s no negative moods to even keep an eye on (:

If you’re interested in something like this, I highly recommend the app. It’s free to use unless you want the premium features, then I’m not sure what the cost is cause I’ve just been using the base app! If you do give it a go, I’d love to know what you think of it…so please come back and comment ^-^

7 thoughts on “My j0urney with Y0uper

  1. When they say life is a rollercoaster, they weren’t kidding. 😂 I’m incredibly moody so I need to try this but I’m glad you’ve been feeling good consistently lately – keep it up! ❤

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  2. This is a cool app! Wow the difference in those charts, haha, although you were tracking less recently like you said 🙂 That would still be interesting to look back on! I love stats and things like that.
    I wanted to reach out to you and say hi! I’ve created a new blog and I’m so excited about it 🙂

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