Bright skies ahead


Wow- we were able to venture out into the real world today & actually enjoy the comfortable temperature + sunshine? Yessiree! It was wonderful, so I thought I’d share some snaps with y’all (:

A cat & an Adirondack

We popped into the cutest store while running our secret errands today ^ they had tons of quality outdoor furniture lined up outside & inside there was a bunch of fun stuff to decorate with…plus the chonkiest cat that ended up blocking the door when we were ready to leave lol I asked if it was trapping us only to be greeted by an itty bitty mew ❤ I think we found a few pieces we really like. So once landscaping is complete, we’ll prob be back to buy! We also stopped for some much needed Panda Express drive-thru food on our way home. More photos to come of this outfit/look as well, just saving them for a compilation style post later on in the month. Thanks for reading this mini summary of our day out in the sun ^-^

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