Alexa, play Wow by Post Malone


Happy Friday everyone! Even though the days are starting to blend together now, it’s still nice to work for the weekend. Today’s post is short & sweet as most of my photos lately have been for upcoming things I’m planning to put together for this blog. Here are a few snaps of what we got up to the past couple days…

Cars & catalogs

Justin made a big decision/purchase just hours ago! I’ve been putting a bunch of different outfits together this week as I try out more new pieces that I ordered. I’m excited to showcase everything in an upcoming post (: but lemme know if you have any thoughts/opinions so far in my comment section…and as always, thank you very much for stopping by today xo

8 thoughts on “Alexa, play Wow by Post Malone

      1. Did she? Wow! I’ve literally only seen ONE girl with an FJ and she was a pretty masculine lesbian. Always seems like something the boys go for, but I’ve loved them since high school. Too bad they’re discontinued! πŸ˜…

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      2. Omg that’s too funny! My sister is def buff, but still a tiny thing at 5’1″ and happily married to her husband hahaha I’m sure there are still some used ones for sale


      3. Haha, the buff is that touch of masculinity all FJ Cruiser owners have inside. 🀣 The girl was super tiny too. Maybe the same height!

        There are definitely used ones around and the price isn’t too bad if you’re willing to put up with higher mileage, which I am. They appreciate in value though, so I don’t want to hold out too long before grabbing one. There are some selling now for more than the original MSRP back in 2007 to 2014! 😳

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