Chevy Chase: rel0aded


Since Justin’s purchase of a whole new kind of wagon, he wanted to surprise his family with it & take them all out! We haven’t visited with them in months, so it was great to be able to get out there & see everyone. It was also a huge relief that most food places are opening their outdoor seating at a lower-than-normal capacity…meaning we didn’t have to just pick up the food & go back to eat it at his parents’ house lol here’s some photos I took this past weekend (:

Pugs & sunshine

It was a beautiful sunny day last Sunday, so the doggies got to chill outside while Justin showed his brother & dad all the features of his newest vehicle addition. They were happy to be brought back in before we left for dinner though! Such chunky monkeys!


We went to one of our favorite pizza shops for our family meal ^ Justin’s dad challenged me to eat my entire appetizer & the whole pizza I ordered (which was only a personal pan size bc it was gluten-free) which I accepted and was victorious in! I got some orange cocktail that was super yummy & refreshing in the last bit of heat we had that day. We were all totally full, happy with the meal, and ready to go home again. Everyone loved what they got to eat which is always a blessing when going out with family somewhere lol

Silly snaps feat. pups & bro

We took some fun photos outside after arriving back at Justin’s parents’ house ^ he wanted a couple goofy pics with his brother, as I ofc wanted a few with the chunkiest of all their dogs: China

The new baby

The wagon was broken in well this past weekend as we squeezed Justin’s entire family in the back (although I offered to let his mom ride shotgun). I think they had a lot of fun, def a lot of laughs, and hopefully we’ll be able to hang out again soon ❤

I trust everyone is still saying safe even with businesses reopening slowly, gradually getting adjusted to certain regulations, etc. It can def be a bit freaky, but I hope you all have a positive experience getting as back to normal as you can in the coming weeks/months. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my posts or at least look at the photos cause that’s the meat of them anyway!

4 thoughts on “Chevy Chase: rel0aded

  1. Seeing you guys sitting that closely in public spaces and reading that you all crammed into the car gives me anxiety. 😅 I don’t eat out anymore and my only outing is the grocery store once per week.

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