Is this a series?


Another weekend just around the corner, another pet/animal post! If you’re getting tired of these… I do apologize for the spam as it seems like I’ve been posting photos of pets at least once a month, but I’m honestly still so in love with taking their picture lol

Our frog loaves

They’ve gained a bit of weight during isolation as they’ve been hiding too much for us to get a good look at how they’re growing, but hopefully we’ve adjusted their diet enough to help them be healthier! Misery has been singing to us every night (:

Not our frog *lol*

Saw this little guy hopping in the grass at Justin’s parents’ house as we were about to go home. I wish I could’ve got better photos, but it was super dark…plus, I was scared I would get too close & scare him away so enjoy the blurry low-quality-ness!

Comfy cat

Oscar has been very cuddly with us as he’s getting more food for lunch gradually & gaining the appropriate amount of weight back to keep him healthy at such an old age for felines. He’s still quite vocal, but I always talk to him so it’s adorable ❤

Extra puppers

Kind of an extension of my previous post, I figured I’d include some leftover pictures I had from our day at Justin’s parents’ house. They were so happy to see us & such smiley babies for the camera too ^

Not our pupper

I wish I could’ve got a sneaky snap of the other (darker fur) golden puppy that was with the same party at the pizza place we had dinner at. They were so adorable & this little girl kept giving me the sleepy eyes ^-^

I hope these animals could lift your mood & get you in a positive mindset as we begin the weekend. Catch ya next week xo

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