Sp00ky aesthetic


This is one of the posts I’ve been most excited about publishing because it’s so packed full of photos & it’s so spooky! The vibes are truly here for Halloween…

Old faves

Back from last year’s box of Halloween decor ^ we have the classic frog skeleton & SPOOKY sign that we decided went perfectly on our mirror in the foyer. Then my personal favorite: Mr. pumpkin head man! Poorly wrapped purple bat lights around our decorative blanket ladder? Check! Bat platter & gravestone garland in the wings waiting to be placed? Check! And of course we picked the prime spot to HANG the much more scary pumpkin head skeleton guy from last year’s stuff…


Touched on this in a previous post, so I won’t say too much ^ but we went to Spirit first. Then Michael’s, Target & Joann’s (:

Bundle up

It’s movie time! We watched quite a few childhood faves this month so far: Hocus Pocus, The Little Vampire, Halloweentown 1/2/3, and multiple others. It’s been spooky!


We tried to deck it out this year ^ really going shopping for stuff we liked for the aesthetic more all year than specifically just Halloween decor. Like this dragon scale platter was marked down 80-90% at Pier 1 because they were going out of business! I love the other things we chose!


This somehow turned out even better than I could’ve hoped! Especially noting how we got our decorations out & up on the day of Halloween last year, so they were pitiful to say the least. We went all out with window stickies, lights on the porch & the light-up wreath which looks so creepy at night…the extras like the hanging friends in the trees + the ghost garland wrapped around the mailbox, just stuff I love! Those gargoyles were crap though. If you see them in Spirit: not worth the money. Every one broke off it’s spike when I was trying to get them in the ground & I wasn’t rough or anything. They’re cheaply made, but look dope lol

Trips, adventures, a party?

More to see in the coming posts! Stay tuned & as always thank you for your support (:

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend xo

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