2, 4, celebrate!


My birthday was October 3rd & I’m just getting around to posting these photos now, really shows how long it takes me to get my blogging sh*t together lol exposed. Anyways, I turned 24 & we went out to a fancy dinner at the same restaurant we went to for Justin’s birthday (my choice) cause it’s just that good. I got all dolled up of course, then the rest of the month we spent doing my most favorite fall things to keep the celebration going! Take a look:


Gotta pretty-up! I did a mask, a lovely foot soak, and touched up my eyebrows before starting to “get ready” for our evening out. I love doing this stuff for myself! As nice as it is to go to a spa or salon, sometimes doing it yourself is the only way to feel fully satisfied with the results. Anyone else? (:

Hair & makeup

This was pre-hair transformation, so I did my best with what I had ^ I smoothed it out & pinned the side right above my ear so it would stay tucked, showing my earring. I kept the makeup clean with big fluttery lashes & my classic wing. I wish I could’ve worn a bold red lip with this look…I know it would’ve been smeared all over my mouth after the mask though /: so just balm

Outfit (without cardigan)

I wore this black lace dress (can’t remember where this one is from, sorry) with a matching black lace choker from Dollskill that has this adorable strawberry charm. I paired it with my black & gold studded purse, black loafers for the grass, but for the main event: my Louboutins ❤

Outfit (with cardigan)

To really bring out those pops of red in my necklace & shoes, I brought along this long cardigan from Eggie. It’s one of my faves!

Dinner & drinks

Dinner was phenomenal as it always is when we go ^ someone must’ve seen my necklace cause they brought out this adorable strawberry shortcake after our meal! So cute & so tasty! Such a fun night!

Best dressed

Oscar wore his fancy clothes as well even though he couldn’t come to dinner with us, he must’ve been celebrating in spirit lol

Breakfast of 24-year olds

Have I ever told y’all how much I love Justin? Cause he really is the best. We went out & got these grands cause I said I wanted them for breakfast, then we made them. Like all on the spot! It was magical & so freaking delicious. If you’re an adult & you can’t remember the last time you indulged in cinnamon buns, please make & eat them.


Pumpkin patch

We went to the pumpkin patch ^ we got 6 big pumpkins from the pick-your-own patch & Justin held them all at once so they only cost $20 altogether! Then we chose a ton of random ones from the bins they had at the front of the farm area. Like at least 20 little baby ones that were maybe $1(?), then of course a giant pumpkin & a few of those creepy bumpy looking ones too LOL

Red Robin date

We ended that day with a much needed meal ^ full course: fried pickles, alcoholic beverages, the works. It was perfection. We were so tired from hauling around gourds & trudging the farmland, that it felt so amazing to sit in that booth & eat a bunch of fried crap for once. Three cheers for 24!

We did a ton of other stuff in October that I’ll continue to post as I get thru editing, sorting, and figuring out when I’m gonna post the photos. See y’all when I do that xo

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