The changing r00m


I do apologize to those who want more of a variety or at least a random assortment of posts from me. It seems, as of late, I’ve been setting up my blog schedule in a pattern of back to back theme twins! Today’s theme being the same as (you guessed it) last post’s: clothes/outfits/fashion & if that’s not your vibe ~ I totally understand. If my Ipsy bag actually manages to find its way to my address this month, I’ll be posting that on schedule as usual next Tuesday for the makeup lovers. If it doesn’t get to me…well let’s just say I have something else for the readers who come to my blog for makeup (:


Some hits & others misses ^ some that didn’t even fit enough to take photos of…

Still waiting on the 3rd part of my order lol

Velvet queen

Via Missguided of course ^ I only kept the all black dress cause the others didn’t fit quite right on the basis of comfortability, not necessarily the actual cut & size being incorrect. They weren’t stretchy in places they probably could’ve afforded to be lol

Plaid in full

I just adore all of these ^ from a bunch of different brands & I love every single one!


If there’s anything I’ve learned to do during this pandemic it’s dress well at home ^ even if it’s just matching. It makes me feel more like I put myself together for the day!


This sweater from Coach ^ it was on sale & I thought it was super cute! Unfortunately, they only had a size small & it fits…but it’s tight & wool, so it’s warm & I don’t wanna sweat in it cause it’s Coach, ya know? But I’m in love with the salmon-y pink color, the little bow detail at the collar too ❤

I’m probably worrying for nothing, but I do hope you’re all enjoying my content lately. I’ll always encourage leaving feedback in my comments ^-^ I love talking with you! Thank you for you’re continued support xo

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