January fav0rites


Anyone get that familiar January feeling of this-month-felt-3-months-long, but also how is it over already?! Must be something about the start of a new year letting us all settle in, I think. Anyways ~ I’ve collected a few of my favorite things in photo form from the past few weeks to share with you!

Food & drink

If I ever start one of these posts with a different category, please get me immediate medical attention ^ cause who isn’t here for the SNACKS?! This month was full of yummy goodies, sweet treats, delicious eats, etc. We had everything from our regular Starbucks runs, to scallops & crab cakes for Justin’s mom’s birthday dinner, and even Baby Yoda cereal lol tea from Tiffany, quesadillas at a juice bar, steak & eggs + champagne for brunch! The range was truly legendary. I had a little bit of everything on my plate at my cousin’s baby shower. I ordered a whole box of Japanese surprises for Justin & I (took individual photos of the things we’ve tried so far)…

Things to DO

First Scrabble game of 2021 & Justin won?! Maybe now he’ll actually wanna play it more often…is that the trick? >;) we found a new boba shop, I got this cool constellation light, new nails *of course* and I sent the most adorable baby gift package to one of my friends who finally got to bring her little bundle home! Justin ordered the BEST Lego set I’ve ever seen for us to build together ^ it’s a bonsai tree with cherry blossoms made out of pink frogs! I love it!!! I also ordered the most $$$ dress I’ve ever bought & it’s so detailed & gorgeous & glorious. I can’t wait to take try-on photos & show you all. I’m legit gonna feel like royalty in it, I already know just from pulling it out of the box ❤ I hate to tease!

Looks of the month

Obviously, I showcase a lot of looks more in-depth in separate posts, but I wanted to throw some in here that I particularly liked & some that didn’t make it into other posts ^ whether it’s the makeup or the outfit or even the hair or jewelry that I’m dressing up, I’ve really been loving styling myself (:

Short & sweet for this first favorites of the year, but I like it even more that way! I feel like I’m putting more into each post outside of these series ones when there’s less at the end of the month to pull in here, ya know? Let me know what you think of my content lately. I’d love to hear your feedback in my comments (: thanks so much for reading xo

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