January’s n0tes


I got quite a lot done in the first month of the year & I’m hoping I can keep the ball rolling! I’ll be taking you through the tasks I set out to complete in the last 30 (or so) days & as usual, show you a few photos I snapped along the way. Here are my notes:

Finish Christmas

There’s not too much to show for this one, but how creepily empty the living room looked after I took down all the holiday decor ^ but I packed away Christmas! Scooped up the stragglers from fall & even a couple left behind from Halloween too. We had the old shed that came with the house demolished & hauled out of the backyard by a junk-removal crew, so we’re all set to welcome our brand new one soon! We honestly can’t wait lol we have so much stuff to store from seasonal decorations like this to all the random wires/cords/bulbs that’re taking up way too much in-house space in the linen closet. I’ll be as happy as a clam when it’s here & I can have room to actually reorganize things ~ for now, the best I could do was pack them up!

Assemble furniture

I put together two pieces for the kitchen in January ^ this adorable mint colored cabinet that I decided to store all our medicine/vitamins in is now residing in the space where we used to have a mini fridge that sat unused. We gave that to my dad. I even did a little decorating on top, but I wasn’t really sure what to put up there yet. The other structure was a bench/chest unit that matches the cupboard in the back of the dine-in part of our kitchen. I got it from the same exact Target set! I’m not a huge fan of the color of the cushion on top, but I put a few green pillows on it to brighten it up & bring that accent color in ~ we just stuck our drinks underneath in the cabinets temporarily until I find a better use for the storage part of this piece. At this point, I couldn’t resist reorganizing the bar (or drink) cabinet aforementioned. I love the way it turned out! So much better IMO & easily hung my matching apron on the door with a command hook. While in Michael’s, we grabbed some fake plants to add even more greenery to the space. My fave is the palm (: which one do you like?

Plan engagement party

I know, we’re so late to the party *literally* but I’m just glad to finally be planning it & getting things done ^ invitations have been sent out & I’m getting RSVPs from people, so I can hopefully tell the caterer an exact amount of guests by the end of this week! My lovely maid of honor has been helping me with decor & favors & even the coolest signature drink (which you’ll hear more about when I post about the actual party). She’s the best! I’ve ordered customized stuff for the event to be Tiffany blue-themed & it’s set to look super cute. I can’t wait to show you the final result once we have it & I have all the photos. A special bonus to this is that Justin & I went to get our wedding bands this month ^-^ back at Tiffany of course. We picked the most gorgeous rose gold pieces. You’ll see mine above, but his is a surprise. I also got my engagement ring re-sized & while it was away I couldn’t stand not having one, so I got a replacement ring in the same setting but platinum this time ~ just a bit different

Bonus: sponsor a cow

Probably my proudest achievement of the month ^ I wanted to do this for so long & I’m so happy I finally got to… I sponsored Destiny the cow at The Gentle Barn in Tennessee for a whole year! They even sent me a certificate (which I requested them to kindly put Justin’s name on too) that we of course had to frame & hang in our home ❤

January was a whirlwind, but we got so much done & started so many amazing projects that are only going to blossom in the days/weeks/months ahead. I’m so looking forward to what I’ll get done in this tiny month of February lol it feels so much shorter even though it’s just 2-3 days really! I hope you’re enjoying Groundhog Day ~ I’m ready for the winter. Bring it on xo

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