February’s feline & fr0g


Pet post tiiiiiiiime! Ready your eyes for this month’s total cuteness overload in 3, 2, 1…


This puff ball got to see snow ^ don’t worry, he was nice & warm in his Little Beast turtleneck sweater that even has pant legs! I just held him while he looked around at everything covered in it & sniffed the cold air, then we went back inside. Funny man got a little anxious when we were cleaning the house the other week, he didn’t know why there was so much empty space now & where we were moving all the clutter to lol


Misery ^ we actually got to see the White’s Tree Frogs they had at our local Petco too! They’re so tiny & cute!!! Our girl is looking perfectly plump as usual & really the most gorgeous shade of green lately ~ jade baby

Farm babies

While at my cousin’s baby

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