Buy big & small (a haul)


Just wanted to share this collection of items I’d picked up from a few smaller businesses along with more well-known brands too. I’ve been adding to this little by little for a while, just over months really! If you guys ever want me to post a second part, I can start working on a new album right now (:

You already know

If I can remember all of them correctly, from top to bottom: Revolution, Coloured Raine, Kylie, Colourpop, BH Cosmetics, Lulu’s, and! I just ordered some more adorable stuff from that last store ~ so I’ll def have to come back & show y’all!

Get to know ’em

Basically, if you haven’t heard of these brands – you’re missing out: Strike Gently Co. (their blankets are incredible too), Dalmata, and THE Regal Rose! From whom I’ve since bought much more jewelry that again… I’ll have to show you guys soon ❤

Small business FTW

Now, I know I’m not going to remember these correctly, so I’ll apologize in advance for that! I found so many amazing artists through Twitter & Etsy last year. I bought so many gifts for myself & my loved ones that just flew beyond my expectations when they arrived. I truly can’t express enough how nice it is to speak to these people & get to thank them personally too!

I love me a big business, but the small ones have my heart at the end of the day ^ you just can’t beat a hand-written thank you note or a freaking Krabby Patty candy with your order, am I right?! How do you shop?

Talk to me, chat up my comments! I always enjoy talking to you all + thank YOU for taking the time to support my blog today xo

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