February fav0rites


It’s the end of the shortest month of the year & man, did it fly by for you guys too? Still feeling like we packed so much into these past few weeks & I’m exhausted wow

Here’s what I liked/loved in February…

Food & drink

Lots & lots as you can see! We started back with our Hello Fresh subscription ^ plus an obsession with these fun, funky Japanese snacks from Sugoi Mart. We also went out a few times: Greek food, brunch, champagne!

Little shopping

Some new pieces that I just adore ^ FUN!

New contacts

I ordered a few new colors from Color CL ^ plus these daily lenses that “enhance” my eyes by being clear & only having a darker limbal ring. I think they’re my new faves!

Big shopping

The fancier of purchases from February ^ somehow didn’t manage to take a photo of my new Burberry wallet, but I got that too!


Outfits, jewelry, nails, and makeup faves from this month ^ I felt like I was coming more into my own style last year & even more so starting out this year! I’ve still been adoring wearing my press-ons, changing them about every 2 weeks or so. Lashes have become a new makeup fave & jewelry/accessorizing is possibly my newest obsession. I love putting everything together & really feeling like it’s cohesive!

The snow

We got snow ^ a few times actually! It was so pretty & we managed to get multiple inches, so it wasn’t like it was gone in an instant. It would ice over & then snow again overnight a couple times or at the end of the next week for a while. Made it really feel like winter ~ the groundhog knows what he’s talking about alright (:

Just pretty

@ the chocolate shop ^ something in their window threw down this beautiful rainbow across the floor, figured we ought to capture the moment & colors for y’all!

Those were my favorites from February (: hope you all enjoyed your second month of 2021 as much as we did! Let me know what some of your faves were in the comments. I always enjoy hearing from you. Thanks so much for reading, have a wonderful weekend & a magnificent March too xo

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