I’m very excited to share our experience at Seaquest with you all today! It’s in part an indoor-petting zoo, aquarium, while also having many of the exhibits be interactive. Unfortunately, some of them are still closed to visitors for the time being, but we definitely want to go back when everything is open & available for the full experience again! But it was still a total blast & I can’t wait to show you all the photos we got…

On the loose

They even had a few animals just out & about in the walking path ^ like this sweet tortoise & the handler brought one of the pigs out on its leash! Justin reached up to pet the big, white bird while it was sleeping & it’s big eyes opened wide, but it let him (:


Sadly, the employee we asked about seeing these cuties said they’d been acting a little crazy that day, so we weren’t allowed to visit with them ^ but we’ll definitely come back to see them again when we can go in to pet them & see their lil bodies up close!

Cavy, wallaby, otters – oh my!

The wallaby we got to pet were so soft & gentle ^ they just sat there & ate their lettuce while we knelt beside them. It was the coolest thing! We got to watch the otters being fed a bunch of crickets into their enclosure & see them hunting as well. The cavy really didn’t do much, but they’re still adorable as all get out. Neat to see up close!

Creature features

There were specific animals that you had to pay extra & reserve a spot ahead of time to see like the sloth & the porcupine ^ but these were sold out experiences we didn’t book for our first trip here. Maybe next time. We still got to see them! The Savannah cat was also, unfortunately, off limits as cats can contract covid. So we’ll have to come back to see them too. We did get glimpses at some big, fat lizards though!

Just keep swimming

Most of Seaquest is the aquarium part ^ they have a gigantic koi pond that’s beautifully decorated. The whole place was

Photo op

Speaking of being decorated, there were plenty of nice spots to take photos ^ including this simulation of an icy cave (:

Petting/feeding the rays

The stingray tank was my favorite part ^ & we even got to pet a shark that was in there too! They had these little vending machines all over the building where you could pay for food for the animals/fish & we fed the rays. They really slurped it up! We loved petting them & they really loved being pet.

Saying goodbye

We got some goodies at the gift shop as we left & took photos in the photo booth ^ but we’ll be back again I’m sure! We also saw these adorable doggies in the back of this car in the parking lot as we were leaving.

We had the most enjoyable time ❤ it was so nice to do something seemingly normal for our monthly anniversary. I’m really glad we made the trip! I hope you enjoyed seeing the photos we got. Seaquest has locations in multiple states, so I urge you to look them up & see if you can visit yourself

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week & I’ll be back here Friday with my monthly Ipsy post for you guys xo

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