March’s n0tes


Welcome to April, everyone! If you love a good downpour ~ you’d be digging what this new month has been blessing us with so far just in these first two days lol but other than that, we’re really beginning to usher in spring. Flowers are blooming more, the temperatures are almost staying at higher points, and things are opening up slowly (but surely) as we get closer to summer. Let me show you what I got done in the last few weeks that I’m proud of…

1st hair-styling trial

I had my first hair trial with the stylist who will be doing my hair & my bridesmaids’ hair on my wedding day ^ I loved how my hair came out & it only took her a little over an hour! She said it should only take about 45-60 minutes to do my hair on the actual day. Now I have a much better idea of how long it’ll take us all to get ready that morning which is a big stress reliever! I’m probably going to go back this month or the next for another trial just because we want to tweak a few things: try crimping the hair instead of teasing, braid the side pieces that are being pulled back instead of twisting them to give a more balanced shape, and even trying an actual braid for the center + I found some beautiful pins online that match my crown/jewelry that I’m going to bring in next time for her to play around with. So I’m excited to see how it’ll look (:

It was a gorgeous day out as you can tell by the sunshine in our photos ^ so Justin & I decided to grab lunch at the Wegmans near the salon after my appointment. We then took a walk around the area & actually ended up in a furniture store for the first time in what felt like forever lol it was a ton of fun to feel all the mattresses! We are in the market for one, but I don’t think we’re for real going to buy one any time soon. We did find a table for the upgraded frog tank to go on, but we’re gonna order it online so it can be shipped to our house…

I kept my hairstyle in for about 3 days & it held up super well! It got a little frizzy of course from sleeping on it, but when I finally had Justin cut out all the ties ~ it wasn’t that bad combing through it all. Unsurprisingly, the only part that was tough was the top that she had teased!

1st makeup trial

I also had my first makeup trial this month ^ it went well too, although not as good as the hair-styling I’d say. That’s 100% my fault though. My lips & the skin around them are just very sensitive (honestly, finicky at this point). If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve probably heard me complain at least 10 times about something irritating them. Whether it’s a new product, an old product that I’ve used forever that’s never given me an issue before, or literally mint toothpaste -_- that’s the worst one. I have to use children’s fruit flavored toothpaste now because my lips & the skin around them can’t handle mint all of the sudden after 20+ years of being fine! Anyways, the makeup artist was so lovely lol her studio was totally professional & everything was hygienic as it could be (that’s how I know my reaction was fully on me). I had such a fun time getting my makeup done too! I’d never had that experience before, so it was super luxe to me. I love how it turned out, but just like the hair, I’ll be returning for another trial this month or the next to tweak a few things: like trying a cc cream instead of concealer to see if that helps my mouth/lips not freak out, concealing/contouring my nose instead of highlighting it, a slightly bigger eyeliner wing, just little stuff…

Justin had been craving a beer, so I asked the makeup artist if she knew a place nearby to get a good one & she actually recommended a brewery right down the road from where we were. We went there after my appointment & unfortunately, they didn’t have any ciders ~ so I just got a Sprite. Justin got his beer & we had a bite to eat before heading back home for the day (:

I touched up some of the makeup when I got home like adding my signature purple liner to tightline my upper waterline & elongated said wings ^ when I tried to put lip balm on my lips, they got even angrier (guessing cause I had to remove the lipstick & lip liner that were previously applied). So they look pretty rough in the photos, but I attempted an at-home rendition of the wedding hairstyle & put on my crown to see the look fully come together. I love it.

Traveling across the state

This ties into the first two notes ^ but we went all over the state last month! The hair-styling trial was in Charlottesville which is an hour away from us, the makeup trial was in Newport News which is also an hour away from us & we also took a nice day trip to go to Seaquest in Lynchburg which is two hours away from us! We drove west, east, north & all over! For not much being open yet, we got a lot done & still got to see a lot along the way (:

That’s all for my notes from March! I hope you enjoyed looking back at what I accomplished in the past month. It doesn’t seem like much, but we’ve got so much going on on the down-low right now that I can’t wait to share with you guys…these were just the big things. More to come xo

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