Rainy day pets


In theme with his new cloud sweater, this pet post’s title also coincides quite well with the month of April itself & the weather it always seems to bring . . . rain

April showers

Oscar in his new cloudy day sweater ^ (:

Bring (almost May) flowers

Oscar in his other new flowery sweater ^ (:

Other Oscar

The rest of Oscar in all his nakedness lol ^


Our big baby was very vocal this past month ^ and it made for some funny photos! We love when she sings to us & how big her throat gets afterwards hehe

More fur babies

We saw the most adorable lil hamster in a pet store in March that was hanging out in its strawberry hut ^ Justin also caught a photo of this mean-looking, super fluffy cat in our backyard just today. He sent me this cute photo of someone’s pet duck in a tiny Home Depot apron too. Lastly, of course, an updated photo of our sponsored cow Destiny at The Gentle Barn in Tennessee ❤

These photos give me so much joy! I hope they bring a smile to you as well. Enjoy the rest of your week & happy April, all xo

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