My t0p makeup l00ks


Self-explanatory title ^ enjoy the selfies . . .

Hair-transformation day

I wanted to make sure my makeup looked good since my hair was getting a makeover ^ it’s one of the only times I’ve had these Glamnetic lashes actually look good on my eyes lol but I still adore this whole look ❤

Winery w/ the girls

This was my “revealing my new hair” day ^ at least to my sisters & mom. I wanted to do up my makeup with it just like the first day I had it all done. I love how the inner corner highlight looked with this pink turtleneck too. Everything blushy & cute!

Periwinkle pearl princess

One of my favorite looks ever because of how spectacularly it went with these purple contacts ^ the intensely pink lip, the also-intense wing & the fluttery lashes ❤

Cardigan chic

Still keeping in theme with the white, lacy vibes ^ this look was really just a toned-down version of the previous one. Slightly smaller wing, slightly wispier lashes (so gorgeous still), and a more subtle pink lip. If I could replicate this look everyday, it’s definitely something I would wear all the time. It’s so easy & ME. I feel myself in it (:

No makeup

Of course I had to sneak in my best skin day when I wasn’t wearing any makeup ^

Night out

I wore this makeup look out to dinner earlier this year ^ I wanted to bring out the boldest lashes since we still have to wear masks & you can’t really see much of anything else. I love that I’ve gotten into wearing falsies so much since last year (:

Engagement photos

Definitely another one of my all time favorite makeup looks & one that inspired a big part of my wedding day makeup look ^ I used a cc cream as my base, highlighter, inner corner highlight as well, my favorite Lilly Lashes in Monaco, and my trusty Mac lipstick in Velvet Teddy. I felt so pretty ❤

For the contacts

I got these new contacts that just emphasized my natural limbal ring ^ I basically just wanted to do my makeup, so that I could take photos in them. It came out way better than I anticipated! The contacts make my eyes look a lot darker, but in good lighting – they’re really neat!


The sun was setting as I was taking these photos ^ as you can tell by how much darker the last one is from the first lol but the point is the makeup look & man, it’s probably the best one I’ve done on my own. I don’t know how I did it & idk if I’ll ever be able to recreate it, but I felt so awesome in it! I used a skin tint, highlighter, lip liner, lip gloss (for only half the photos), and the most gorgeous lashes! The colors just all blended so well together, it all worked ❤

Just the other day

Just because ^ I was trying on some new spring/summer clothes & wanted to take outfit try-on photos, so I figured why not put on some makeup to go with them? (: this lip combo is from Haus Labs & it might be one of my new faves for the season. I’m so glad I tried it! I might even use these Boldface lashes for my wedding instead!

What’d you guys think of these makeup looks? I know they’re mostly the same, but what can I say…I’m a cat-eye & lashes kind of girl lol but I did recently order in some new goodies to try that’ve already come in. So keep an eye out for those on the blog super soon! Thank you for reading xo

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