New jewels


I’ve been building up my jewelry collection this year & I wanted to share more of it with you all. There’s still some pieces that haven’t arrived yet that I’m sure you’ll see in future posts, but these are the newest ones I’ve acquired in the past few weeks…


The black chains & dainty gold choker are actually from Missguided ^ my first ever jewelry purchases from them. I figured as much as I adore their clothes, might as well try some jewelry too! The silver dagger is a piece I’ve been eyeing on Vanessa Mooney for a while & finally caved to treat myself lol similarly, the “Justice” sword comprised of scales below it is from Etah Love & just recently came back in stock. You know the Libra in me had to snatch that one up. The last one is another contender for my bridal jewelry set cause (being indecisive me) I still haven’t made a solid decision on what jewelry I’ll be wearing with my dress yet…


Switching ends of the body, let’s talk about something I’m so excited to wear now that it’s getting warmer out ^ I’ve ordered a ton (probably way too many) more that’re still on their way to me, but like I said ~ I’m sure you’ll see them on me in future posts. These are from Brook & York (top 2) and M Jewelers (bottom 1) if you wanted to know!


Another one of my most recent obsessions alongside fake lashes & press-on nails ^ I’ve even found out my pinky size! The first two are from Etah Love, then the pomegranate is from Etsy (it’s actually super heavy so I’ll probably end up putting it on a chain to wear as a pendant), the Libra one is from Sparklane, then 333&Co. (Amber Scholl’s jewelry line/company), and Local Eclectic!


I’ve been loving wearing earrings so much that I’m considering getting a 3rd piercing in my right earlobe ^ it’s just been so fun mixing & matching them that I wanna wear even more at one time! From top to bottom they’re from En Route, Frasier Sterling (2), Studs, Regal Rose (2), Aleyole (3), Regal Rose (2), Studs (2), Rare Romance (6), and the last three pairs are from Etsy! I’m considering wearing one of the very last pair for part of my wedding look (: Which are your favorite out of the three?

Wearing today

Here’s the jewelry I had on today ^ one of my Tiffany engagement rings ~ this one is in platinum with a 1.25ct diamond to match the bling of my tennis necklace, anklet, and ice fire ring all from Amber’s jewelry line 333&Co. A long shimmering necklace, a thin ring with tiny gems & a tennis bracelet to bring it all together (both from Aleyole). My favorite Fleur de Lis earring from Rimor + a baby emerald cut gem dangling next to it (Aleyole as well)! I honestly didn’t even know I was gonna make this post today, but why not go all out? We only live once, might as well sparkle & shine bright in the sunshine xo

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