April fav0rites


Happy final day of April! I swear, I’ve never actually been excited for the spring to fly by & get us closer to summer…but knowing that it means things will open up & get us all back to normal, that’s what I’m looking forward to the most. Still not ready for the heat lol anyways ~ please join me now as I share my favorites from the past few weeks

Food & drink (etc.)

I’ve added the (etc.) for the sake of our new MOMA bowl & the funniest Pop figure I’ve ever seen ^ since they aren’t technically edible/drinkable. We enjoyed a bunch of lunch & dinner dates this month! We got out of the house quite frequently & went to some of our favorite places to eat. FUN (:

New shoes

More like moo shoes, am I right? ^ these are seriously the cutest boots & I’ve been waiting for them for so long! My order was placed last year sometime before my debit card was compromised (when I search my email, I can’t even find the original ticket it was that long ago). Furthest back I can find is a “shipping update” from November that didn’t even include these shoes…how sad!


More cow print ^ for most of the month, I had this set with shades of pink in cow print on a coffin shape. Super cute! Right now, I’m wearing a slightly longer coffin style that’s a bit see-through with a kind of marble effect to it. I like the white for spring & it matches basically everything (:

Kamon app

Again, the Kamon camera app ^ giving me the coolest vibes to my photos with these colorful additions! I love the random filters

Goofing around

Playing games, being funny, just joking ^ all things silly are always my favorite things (:

Skin stuff

The first is not necessarily a fave ^ but I wanted to still share it with you guys cause it was an experience! I tried 10-day Lashes. I didn’t like them, so I removed them the following day after wearing overnight. The application was fairly difficult, the look wasn’t wasn’t what I expected, but at least they weren’t that bad as far as removal…

I did order a few different kind of gel eye patches for Justin & I to test out which was fun! We literally just tried some last night. I’ve also been love love loving using the new Tidal brightening enzyme water cream from Sunday Riley along with this Vino rejuvenating serum boost from Fourth Ray Beauty (y’all know I love them)

More out & about

When the sun is shining ^ go bask in it! We have been out enjoying it while we can cause the weather here…ya never know when it’s gonna flip on its head lol while we still have to wear our masks, I’ve been trying my best to match mine to my outfit

Spring things

Blooms & babies ^ I made an Easter basket for my best friend/maid of honor’s baby girl earlier this month & mailed it to them. She loved it! One of our tiny cacti in the window above our kitchen sink started randomly sprouting these new flowers too. So cool ❤ Justin also decided to get himself a beta fish finally. He’s always wanted one!

More on the fish in my upcoming pet post, so keep an eye out next Friday for that . . .

My blogging anniversary

I’ve been blogging for 4 years here ^ that’s crazy! I want to thank you all for your continued support of my page, thank you for reading my posts, commenting when you do, and just genuinely being such a positive community. I’m happy to be here (:

Thanks so much again for being a huge part of my favorites this month & as always, have a wonderful weekend xo

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