April’s n0tes


May the fourth be with you & all that! I’m here today to share my goals achieved last month (the big ones at least, not gonna go through every day’s to-do list with y’all)…

Cars & cigars

I went to a car show with Justin this month ^ maybe not much of an accomplishment for most, but he attends them often & I don’t ever go (it’s just not my thing). This one was a lot more of an event though. There was live Latin jazz, people brought their dogs, they had a bartender, cigars of course, and multiple food trucks. It was really chill & spread out ~ even though most everyone wasn’t wearing masks due to drinking/eating/smoking, there was def plenty of space for adequate social distancing. The car turnout was good too *guessing* I liked looking at the classics! It was so nice to get dressed up, dolled up (and actually get to wear lipstick for once) & have an experience feel normal again. Plus, I feel like Justin enjoyed my company- that’s why I give myself a pat on the back for this goal checked off for last month ❤

Tattoos #5 & #6

I finally got my new tattoos done ^ the same artist that did my last piece (on my chest) did these ones too! She owns the tattoo shop I go to & was actually one of my art teachers in high school. I really love the way she took my ideas & the inspiration/brainstorms I explained via email (since they’re currently unable to accommodate in-person consultations) & made the designs come to life the way I envisioned. They seemed to take no time at all (maybe an hour each) & were generally painless. I love them so much! They’re healing great too, mine always do- made sure to drink a ton of water in the days leading up to my appointment. If you’d like me to explain the meaning of them more, please ask in the comments & I’ll gladly go into detail for you

Final goal: drink MORE water

I don’t have photos of this bc I wouldn’t really know how to capture it lol but I’ve been trying to drink more water lately- not over the entire month of April, but just the past few weeks or so. I know it’ll help me in a lot of ways & I just want to feel better…

I love these goals from last month! So fun! As summer is approaching, I’m feeling the fun times coming with. Is anyone else? (:

I appreciate you all reading today & I hope everyone has an awesome rest of their week, a fantastic start to this new month, and motivation for all their goals too xo

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