May have a new pet…


Happy Friday all! Happy pet post day too! Justin & I are actually going to a charity event very soon that supports House of Paws Dog Rescue, so I’m super excited to share photos from that with you guys (: but for now- animals from the previous month


He was a cuddler this past month ^ always balled up in our lap or wrapped in our arms! So cute & he even just got a bath recently, so he’s been as soft as ever ❤ perfect for pets/rubs/scratches/etc. he’s living his best life & loving every minute!


She’s been adventurous & singing ^ we hear her at least once each night, sometimes even more than once! She loves singing to us (we always give her a round of applause after she’s finished). She had a tank cleaning last month which I’m sure she appreciated…even though she seems to like it dirty sometimes too- nasty girl haha


Justin got a new friend ^ this is his beta fish, Amogus! It’s a mustard gas coloration which is apparently pretty rare as it was more expensive than the others at the pet store. He’s got a tank set up for him in his office with all the things he needs. I even went on Etsy to have a custom sticker made for the outside of his tank *of course forgot to take a photo of that for this post though*

Nests in our wreath

We had two nests in the wreath on our front door ^ one in the hole part & one on top. We think the top one was some kind of sparrow & the hole nest was a finch (smaller bird). They both laid eggs, hatched, and have since flown the coop lol but it was so sweet to see them in there with their mouths open or chirping away for mama or growing the fluffy fuzz on their little heads before they had feathers (:

Porch frog

We saw this green frog on the side of our house one night ^ it was catching bugs right by our porch light! So neat & it was pretty big too. I didn’t wanna put up my hand for reference cause I was afraid I would scare it off & I didn’t wanna stress it out. Plus, there were a ton of bugs there…


Justin got to meet this sweet pup at one of his car meets ^ he sent me the photo. Adorable! I’m so excited to go to this charity event & see all the dogs so soon ❤


Our sponsored cow from The Gentle Barn in Tennessee ^ we get a photo of her each month in my email & it’s something I always look forward to! She’s so sweet (: we’ve already reserved our Airbnb there for that part of our trip/honeymoon. I can’t believe it’s only a few months away now!

That’s all the animals I have to show for today. I feel like there were quite a few this time or at least a good variety lol what’d you think? Let me know in the comments! Who’s your favorite? Who puts the biggest smile on your face? Thanks for stopping by & as usual, have a wonderful weekend xo

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