Seas0ns’ ‘fits


I’ve been amping up my spring/summer wardrobe y’all! I’m so excited to share some of the new pieces with you today (:


Neutrals, white, black ^ the essentials! Had to stock up on sandals both heeled & flat for this warming weather. Also picked out a few new sneakers & booties too. Variety of open & closed-toed! Which pair are your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


It’s been a total spring/summer clothing haul ^ as you can see! But I still have to clean out my closets & drawers of old stuff to donate before I can even begin to try to organize all of these new pieces. I’m still so happy to have outfits that actually have me looking forward to the weather getting warmer (which is usually the opposite of what I like). There’s still more I haven’t tried on for this post, but I’m sure you’ll see them eventually in some fun outing photos!

I hope you liked these looks…let me know in the comments which was your favorite or which pieces you liked the most from this haul! I’d love to know & thank you so much for reading/supporting my blog. Have an awesome rest of your week xo

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