H0use 0f Paws


I went to another car show with Justin! He told me it was for a charity called House of Paws Dog Rescue & that there would be dogs/puppies there, so you know that’s why I wanted to go. Come take a ride with us!

Early to rise

This show was actually a state away in North Carolina ^ so we woke up at 3am to get ready & left the house at about 4:30am

Arrived in style

Colorful car wash? Check ^ taking sunny photos in front of the crazy Lambo truck? You know it! Only took us 6 hours…sheesh

Here for the dogs

The first dog is owned by the owner of the dealership ^ they actually rescued him from the charity that the event was in support of which is so cool! The second dog was just one somebody attending the event brought along (glad I could get a photo of her). The last two puppies were from the rescue & up for adoption that day! We were so wishing we could’ve brought them home with us. Someday…we would love to have a dog- lab or golden retriever preferred ❀


Got a ton of photos in the showroom cause we came back after the event to talk to some of the staff ^ Stan (the dog) was still hanging out, so we got selfies with him which he seemed to really enjoy! So sweet!

On the way out

Leaving, we saw this dope Ferrari in red ^ which is the color that mine is gonna be! We also had to take photos in front of the trailer. Obligatory trip to Charlotte things…


We entered a raffle for the charity during the show ^ because we donated so much, the owner of the dealership just gifted Justin this exact model of his Lamborghini Urus! Amazingly, it has all the same details on the inside as well… SUPER generous (:

Car selfies

Loving the shades of brown in these pics ^

That’s it for our trip though! We got food at Denny’s & then made the 6-hour drive back up home. There were a few more dogs we saw that I wasn’t able to get photos of, sadly. We’re going to another show next month, but we’re going to stay overnight instead (in a fancy hotel- exciting). So keep an eye out for a post about that if you liked this! Thank you very much for reading & I hope you all have a wonderful weekend xo

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