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I thought today would be as good a time as any to re-introduce myself on here & ask a few questions directly to you all as my audience to get a better grasp on my blog engagement. I hope you don’t mind the change in typical post-fashion just for once!

My name is Shannon (: I’ve been blogging on WordPress for about 4 years now & it’s something I really enjoy as I love taking photos. My blog posts are almost always mostly photos, so if you don’t like reading lengthy paragraphs- I’m your blogger! I’m engaged to the love of my life Justin who you’ll see very often on my blog. We’ve been together for almost 6 years & will be married this coming fall. I have an elderly cat named Oscar who is almost 17 years old. I’ve had him his whole life & love him very dearly ❤ we also have a pet White’s Tree Frog named Misery who is always making us laugh with her silly smile & chunky body. Justin recently got a beta fish named Amogus & that rounds out our “family”. We got our first house in 2019 & we absolutely love it! You’ll see it being decorated over & over again on my blog.

I love taking selfies, outfit photos, makeup pictures, and really anything lifestyle related. I post every Tuesday & Friday. At the beginning of each month I’ll post my “notes” from the previous month where I outline the bigger goals I set for myself & what I achieved. The post after that is my monthly pet post of all the photos I’ve taken of our pets from the month before & any other animals we saw along the way! At the end of each month I’ll post my Ipsy bag review (and sometimes try-on) & then the post following (the very last post of each month) is always my “favorites” where I’ll talk about the foods & drinks I loved that month, my favorite new items I purchased, if I’m using any new products that I discovered I really like, etc. it’s all super positive! Those are my “series” posts.

Within these posts, I like to sprinkle in questions to prompt the reader to engage with me/with the post in the comments. I’ll ask here as well: is this something you find useful or helpful when you read blogs? Does it make you feel more included? Like you’re being invited to be a part of the blogger’s experience? I would love to know

If you see this post has no photos & still read through it, I very much appreciate your support! It would assist me even further if you could answer the previous engagement questions I’ve listed ^ this community has always been really uplifting & that’s why I love blogging here so much. Thank you again for reading & I hope you all have a wonderful weekend xo

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