May fav0rites


Welcome to the final post of this month! I’ll be sharing things I’ve loved throughout May whether they’re new items or things we did that made the past few weeks that much more special. Here are my favorites:

Foodie faves

We ate so much good food in May that I didn’t even capture all of it ^ I was too busy digging in! These are the best shots I got of what we did eat & let me tell you, it was all delicious…those garlic knots were not my first (or last) order of the month lol the best

Decor galore

Dior ^ we got some home pieces to add to the green theme in our kitchen & blue accents of our living room! I actually bought a very overpriced pillow as well that I forgot to get a photo of (cause we’re not even sure where to put it just yet). But I also added a few more affordable blue pieces from Michael’s that I think look just as sweet to bring the room together! The sunlight finally shined through at the right angle in our bay window to toss a rainbow across the kitchen cabinets *oh so pretty* What do you think of these pieces? Have you ever bought designer decor? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to chat (:

That new new

Goodies all around ^ besides the light blue Ugg’s that are pictured not on my feet that I ended up returning (got the two different blues to see which color I would like better in person, chose the more periwinkle one). Still buying way too many clothes than will fit in this house *oops* and loving this new phone case with sunset clouds on it like what a VIBE am I right? Anyways, Snoopy is soft…my room is a mess…what’s new? Lol


Some times we went out this month ^ but obvs not a lot of photos here cause there’s much more content in separate/future posts. The selfies are also showcasing a skincare favorite of mine this month: Fourth Ray Beauty’s Thirst Aid Priming Moisturizer ~ if my skin is clear enough, I feel like I don’t even have to wear a tint. That’s how good it looks. Feels amazingly moisturizing too, like all day long. I love it!

Those were my faves this past month. I hope everyone had a magnificent May & an even more joyous June as we journey deeper into the summer months…the heat is coming! Brace yourselves, hydrate, and always SPF haha I’ll catch y’all back here next Tuesday with my “notes” as usual xo

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