May’s n0tes


Here’s some bigger things I checked off my to-do list last month. Goals for days, right?

Wedding planning

I had my first official bridal gown try-on (the dress being in my size [not a sample], the sleeves made/attached) & got to bring her home! I’ve since brought her into my tailor locally & was fitted/pinned for all the alterations needed. We finally managed to book an officiant which is a massive weight off our shoulders as far as vendors are concerned. I’m still having trouble with a few of them just straight up not responding to me… I’d say 85% of planning has been smooth sailing & you know I’m on Etsy 24/7 buying all the random accessories & favors!

Try Lashify

These are at-home “extensions” that come in little sections of lashes. You place them under your natural lashes & the directions were super simple to follow. They felt like I wasn’t wearing anything & they look amazing like I have actual lash extensions! I was able to wear them sleeping, with my contacts, wash my face with them on, etc. I definitely recommend trying these if you’re considering going out to a lash tech or really to anyone who’s wanting to enhance the look of their lashes. They stay on for up to 10 days if you take care of them properly & the site has a variety of styles to choose (:

New mattress

We got the Helix Midnight Luxe! We’re so happy with it! If you’re in the market for a new mattress, I totally recommend looking into this company. They have a quick quiz you can take on their website to match you with the best mattress they offer for your needs. They ship crazy quick (we got ours in 2 days) & they’re really easy to set up yourself. It comes wrapped up in a box, so no installation team needed. It’s a dream!

I feel great about these accomplishments from last month! I can’t wait to see what June brings as far as checking off more goals & big to-do’s. What’re you looking forward to this month? Big plans? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to talk about it with you (: happy June 1st to all xo

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