D0n’t sweat- pets!


Happy first month of the summer season! It’s definitely getting hotter here as we had to turn our thermostat down to 68 in the house today due to outside temps rising near 100 already…but to take our minds off melting ice cream cones & sweaty brows, I’ve got some pet pictures to share today!


Didn’t get a ton of photos of our favorite smiley frog this past month ^ but she was wanting to hide away in the plants in her tank more than usual (which is totally normal), so hopefully she’ll be a little less shy in June! That way we can see her sweet little face some more in next month’s post (:


My little man scared us last month when he got quite sick in his room overnight ^ we still aren’t sure just what happened, but we can guess that he either ate something he shouldn’t have (food that wasn’t for him or something that wasn’t food at all) & it all came back up pretty rough. At his age that stress on his body can be very traumatizing & he didn’t wanna eat or drink for a while, but it wasn’t long enough to cause an issue. I made sure to call the vet & check that I was doing everything correctly to get him back to healthy as quickly as I could. He was okay about a day or two later, but it still gave us a real spook…we’re taking extra care to feed him only wet food from now on & even give him those tubes of liquid cat treats as a snack during the day to boost nutrients + hydration. He’s still doing really well with keeping hydrated & he loves his new renal support pâté *ew*


Here’s the monthly update photo from my email ^ she’s in action! I can’t wait to see her in person in just a few more months ❤

Thank you for joining me today for this month’s pet post! I hope these photos of our lil dudes brought you some joy & I hope you all have a safe, wonderful weekend xo

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