Maj0r makeup haul


I literally took all of these photos today, so I apologize for the late post. It’s also a ton of products (new brands & familiar faves), so I hope you all will enjoy this massive haul!

Static Nails

Starting off with non-makeup ^ some more fake nails to refill my stash. This brand has some of the highest quality I’ve found online & their brush-on glue is fantastic (:

Dashing Diva Magic Press

I ordered a bunch of these to try out ^ I’ve never used this brand/product, so I’ll have to let you guys know in a future post how they work out for me. I liked a lot of the styles they had available on their website though & they arrived very quickly in the mail. Seems you just apply the brush-on product & then peel off the backing of each nail before pressing it on ~ easy enough(?)!


Of course ^ this wouldn’t have been a haul without them! But since trying Lashify, I do have to admit I’ve been less inclined to purchasing falsies as frequently lol growth


I wanted to try some new brushes ^ a few of these I’ve plucked from Ipsy deals, but I also bought one from Colourpop & even one to apply face products (like the skin tints I have) from Target…but idk if I’ll like using that any better than my fingers yet. My recent obsession is highlighter brushes


I finally caved & ordered the Glossier SPF ^ I picked up a skin tint that apparently doesn’t need to be set down & doesn’t move around throughout the day which will be nice if I got the correct shade lol but I got an SPF setting spray to use over all my skin tints that don’t contain their own SPF (:


Speaking on my highlighter brush obsession ^ the actual products too! I wish I could try them all out at once. I think I need to get a little more of a tan to wear some of them, but I wouldn’t mind that this summer (if the temps go below 90/100)…


Only a few new pick-ups here ^ but some very nice ones & stuff I’m super excited for!


Lots of new Colourpop lip products ^ I’ve been buying them even when we had to wear masks, but now that the mandates are being lifted ~ my lips are going to be glossy and/or colorful everytime we go out!

Revolution x Soph

For some reason, the USA Revolution site didn’t have all 3 of her original lipsticks ^ so I’m missing “Cake” but I got the other 2 + the 2 new lip kits from her new collection!


3 different formulas ^ looking forward to seeing how these all wear on the lips ~ especially in the heat of the summer now!


Orange toned lip products from Zeesea ^ first time trying anything from them. Has anyone here tried their makeup before? Let me know in the comments below (:


Their new Ultralips ^ very excited to see these (hoping they don’t contain any sneaky mint ingredients) cause they look similar to the Milk tinted balms (that all contained mint). I love the colors I got ❤

Last lippies

The ones I only got one or two of ^ from new brands & familiar faves! We’ll see which are keepers & which get the bin (hoping they’re all keepers – I have a lot of makeup storage, so the more the merrier)

That’s it for today! I feel like I ran a marathon: taking those photos, editing, laying it all out & typing this post up! But I hope it was enjoyable for you to read (: thanks for being here & I hope you’ll be back this Friday for my next one xo

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