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I wanted to just write a quick, chill text post today to update ya’ll on some goals I’m setting for myself for the rest of this year…

Now that it’s June, we’re about halfway through 2021 ~ the perfect time to look at the remaining half of the year & think to ourselves: what can I accomplish in the time that’s left? Here’s what I want to do!

Mental health

Since March of 2020, my sleep schedule has gone from bad to worse along with my eating schedule. Going to bed at 3-4-5am & waking up as late as 3-4-5pm the next day means that I’m usually only eating one huge meal in the middle of the time I’m awake. I don’t feel too bad physically, but I assume it can’t be good for my brain & I do want to get myself back to a normalized schedule for sleeping & eating. I would also like to give therapy a try for the first time. I have always had this creeping feeling that I could have OCD or at least some form of it, but I don’t want to self-diagnose & for the most part, it hasn’t impacted my life in a negative way. I just think we could all use a little therapy (ya know?) & if I don’t end up liking it, I can just stop at any time. There’s no harm in trying something that can only do good in the long run! Wish me luck (:

Cleaning up

Our living room & kitchen look pretty tidy for the most part right now, but there’s still a bit of organizing I wouldn’t mind getting done as far as the cabinets are concerned. It definitely makes the whole house seem cleaner when those two front rooms are cleared of clutter. I would love to be able to stay motivated enough to not let them get messy to the point where we don’t wanna clean them up ~ does that happen to you? We also have quite a few mirrors, plants, and pieces of art around the house that have yet to be hung up where we want them or even been decided on where we want to hang them! Another goal of mine would be to get those all on the walls. My makeup desk area is definitely the other spot in our house that needs the most work. I got this huge Riki mirror with lights & everything that I really want on my desk, but I need to completely it clear off first. There’s so much random makeup mess all over the top currently. Lastly, to really save space in our home, I would love to find permanent storage solutions for my clothes, shoes, and bags. I was actually brainstorming with Justin the other day about totally rearranging the spare room & making the wall across from the window into an IKEA-esque storage unit all the way across. That way I could store all my shoes & bags along the wall leaving the entirety of my closet(s) space(s) + dresser for the rest of the clothing I have yet to find places for. It’ll be a lot of work, but worth it in the end because right now the stuff is just piled up everywhere. Inefficient & unaesthetic…

Self care

While this entire list is really self care, these bits are the most me-centered of them all. I bought a hair serum that can regrow hair in certain areas, so I want to try it right at my hairline on both “corners” of my forehead where my hair is sort of receding. I use to wear my hair in a really tightly pulled back bun almost every day in middle school (& gelled it) so I lost hair there due to breakage over time. I’m hopeful it’ll work based on the results I’ve seen from others. On the other end of the spectrum, I want to start using the Kenzzi at-home laser machine I bought a while ago. I’ll primarily use it for my lip, but I might even try it for my armpits/legs cause they can get really irritated from shaving. I’m also on the hunt for a pain-free way to whiten my teeth. With zingers, it seems impossible to get my teeth white & even more so since I can’t even use mint on/around my mouth…so I have to use toddler’s toothpaste that doesn’t whiten. I recently bought a Snow wireless kit that is supposed to be really good for people with sensitive teeth (& even got the desensitizing gel), so wish me luck with that too! I’ve wanted to smooth out/fill in the lines in my lips for a while now. I tried just drinking a lot of water which did help them not to dry out as much lol but I’ve been using the Laneige lip treatment balm every night for a couple weeks now & I’m really seeing an actual improvement! I also picked up a lip gloss from a new brand called City that’s supposed to do the same thing both immediately & over time ~ I like it too!

Just good stuff

I want more tattoos obviously. I have a ton of ideas still, so that could be on the table for the remainder of 2021. I would enjoy hosting another giveaway on here! I know you guys would love that too 😉 and just paying off all my credit cards cause I know I can & I might as well. Who needs debt?!

Those are my goals for the rest of this year. Some big, some not so big, but all of them important to me & I’m crossing my fingers I can get them all done in the next 6 months while simultaneously planning a wedding!

Thanks so much for sticking with me if you’re here at the end. I appreciate you reading without any of my usual mass of photos. Back with another one Tuesday! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend xo

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