Part 2


If you saw my post from earlier this week (Tuesday), today’s is a kind of continuation! I hope you enjoy seeing the process of us building up this store before the grand opening this weekend. Thanks for reading!

No or not yet

We went furniture/appliance shopping the other day & these were some of the things we opted not to go for or just not to get at that moment in time exactly ^ but we may be picking out a cute, colorful microwave & coffee maker very soon- stay tuned to see!

We got it

Here’s a lot of what we did end up getting ^ we were so excited about the mini fridge lol I mean who doesn’t love that retro feel? The other pieces really fit the store vibe too

Other things set up

We got some stickers to put up, make things look a lot more professional & overall put together ^ a dolly to cart in/out anything heavy, and some ring light options for the photo studio! Super hyped to use that area!

Celebratory dinner

DoorDashed pizza dinner for us & cracked open some not-so-cold ones ^ but it was so nice to relax after all the hard work we’ve been putting in this week. This grand opening is going to be wonderful & I wish all of you could come to see it, but I’ll try to take more photos when all the products are really set up for purchase. It’ll look PERF (:

Thanks so much again for taking the time to stop by my blog today, your support means the world! Hope you’ll join me again Tuesday- have a wonderful weekend xo

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