Ipsy f0r July


Tiny change of format this go around, but if I didn’t mention it- would anyone even notice? I haven’t edited any of the photos in today’s post for temperature, saturation, brightness, or sharpness like I typically do. I took all of these in the new photo studio we set up in one of the rooms at the store, so I just wanted to see how they looked on the blog with that lighting only: just all the raw images. Let me know what you think of their quality in the comments! Thanks (:

The bag & the mix

July’s bag is super pretty, but very simple ^ all over shimmery gold with the IPSY brand name on one side & “STAY GOLDEN” on the other + the addition of this turquoise color zipper area & gem on the pull which is sort of shaped like a funky sun! Summer vibes! The assortment of products I received was interesting…half skincare, half lips, and a brush that was my item of choice for the month lol not much to “try on” this time…

Blume daydreamer gentle ultra hydrating facial cleanser

Ipsy says this can be used morning or night ^ it’s a creamy consistency which is one I enjoy in a cleanser (other than foaming or gel ones) & it’s safe for sensitive skin. I’m not trying anything new right now because I’m going for my second makeup trial this upcoming weekend- my makeup artist has to reschedule our previous appointment because she woke up with a fever that day. I am looking forward to testing this out though…says it can even remove makeup!

Kaleido Cosmetics lip mask gel – conditioning & repairing lip mask

Definitely excited to try this out after my trail this weekend ^ I love lip-nourishing products! Anything that can help keep my lips hydrated & smooth, I’ll be the lab rat (:

MOTD Cosmetics lighting crew brush

The item I chose to go in my bag this month ^ I love getting brushes & this one matches so well! I adore the gold & it seems like it’s very good quality as well. The more, the merrier ~ another to add to my growing collection. I’ll almost always pick a brush!


The only almost-makeup thing I received ^ and it’s still lip gloss, so it’s practically still skincare (according to me). A pretty color, but who knows the formula & my sensitive lips… I’ll still wait until after this weekend!

Tarte sea quench hydrating primer

Fourth Ray Beauty’s priming moisturizer is one of my favorite products ever, so I almost chose this as my product pick for July’s bag ^ and I’m so glad Ipsy picked it for me! I can’t wait to see how it applies & wears in comparison to the Fourth Ray Beauty one! The packaging is so cute too (:

Behind the scenes

Justin got these photos of me setting up the product shots at the photo studio ^ it was a little difficult to get the lighting right at first with all the shadows being cast in there, but he helped me set it up & then it was smooth sailing! Hopefully, I can use this space from now on to take a lot more photos for the blog ^-^ I would love to hear feedback from you guys on whether or not I should still be editing the images I’m taking in this environment or if the photos look good enough in their raw form? Tell me in the comments so I can know for future photos/posts. Thank y’all so much!

I hope you guys enjoyed a look at my Ipsy bag for July & that my behind the scenes shots were a fun substitute for the (not-so) usual “final look” photos. See you Friday xo

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