July fav0rites


Holy moly! It’s almost August, y’all! I know it’s what everyone’s saying right now, but summer is in its last leg & I’m super stoked for fall to be on its way soon. My favorite season is sneaking up on us in the coming weeks & we’ll be putting up our spookiest decor in no time. Let me know your fave time of year in the comments? Let’s chat (:


Not to much to share today, but I’m sure you saw in my other posts from this month ^ we had some good eats! Been busy with starting up this store has got us ordering in more often than we’d like, but we’re still eating well whenever we can. YUM YUM (:


I now have a new Maì necklace to add to my collection ^ plus this adorable collab on a pair of earrings with the brand Lulou ❤

Colourpop & her sister brands

Lots from Colourpop (& friends) this month ^ and even more on the way! I’m always on the lookout for what they have dropping to see if it’s something I’ll like & they totally delivered with these Powerpuff Girls items!

Other randos

Cute lil planter bear, our new driveway (which I couldn’t be happier with – I think it looks absolutely perfect), my fluffy UGG slippers, and Gigantamax *fat* Pikachu

Just for fun

I found these & just thought they were both cute/funny. Enjoy! What’re all your signs?

Hope you enjoyed my favorites for July! I wish you all a safe, wonderful weekend xo

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