July’s n0tes


Welcome to the last month of summer! Yay! These are some things we got up to last month/what we checked off the to-do list…

More wedding brainstorming

Picking out some rentals we would want for our reception ^ like table linens, the plates & cutlery, goblets, and even thinking of changing the chairs out for gold ones? I’ve also sent over a few inspiration photos from Reign to our photographer cause I’ll definitely want to have some like these ❤

Getting wedding stuff done

We picked out the napkin fabric/color ^ which will be “plum” in polyester (cause unfortunately our venue doesn’t offer any purple shades in the matte satin material). I also finally sent out all our invitations on July 1st ~ even though I wanted to get them out in June, the first week of July was close enough. I absolutely love how everything came out! We’ve got a lot more planning things on the calendar for August already. Last, but certainly not least, we chose our wedding cake/icing flavors! Out of the ones above, we picked champagne cake with vanilla bean buttercream (even though they were all delicious). I’m so excited to continue the design process with them (:

New skincare routine/regimen

I wanted to try Typology to get my skin to a point where I can take a selfie sans-makeup & not want to touch-up anything ^ so when I was taking their online quiz, the things I chose to focus on “fixing” were reducing redness, shininess, and dark circles/under eye bags. I’m hoping the products I chose to purchase out of what was recommended to me can help me achieve those goals over the next few weeks leading up to the wedding! I also picked up a vitamin c toner from Fourth Ray Beauty (more affordable than whatever vitamin c product typology would’ve suggested to me & it was already on the way when I was making that order). The turmeric serum is just something extra to test out cause I’ve heard it’s good for skin too, but I probably won’t use it too often. I’ve always loved skincare, but this is mainly to get my skin as near perfect as it can be to put makeup over on my wedding day ~ then it’ll just be nice to have a routine I know keeps my skin looking just as good afterwards lol I also got Justin some stuff from them for his birthday coming up at the end of this month. Hoping it works for the both of us + we adore their packaging!

That’s all for my July notes. Still mainly wedding-centric, but I have even more to show you guys since I just got my second makeup trial done this past weekend! Keep an eye out for that post coming very soon…

Thanks so much as always for reading & supporting my blog ~ have a good one xo

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