Makeup trial #2


I went to Newport News to see the makeup artist who will be doing my makeup & the makeup for my bridal party for my wedding to have my second makeup trial recently. I had some kind of reaction to a product or something last time, so we tried a few different things this time & it went very well! No bad reactions of any kind. I’ll be sharing photos of the finished result today…

Car close-ups

Took these immediately after my trial ^ it was an overcast day, so the natural lighting in the passenger seat wasn’t the greatest lol

Cameraman Justin

Justin also took some photos of me in the car right after my appointment ^ but I think the lighting in these might be even worse than the selfies? I tried to brighten them in editing, so hopefully that helped haha I just wanted some different angles I guess. What do you guys think of my makeup in these? (:

Better light

At home, in front of my window ^ definitely better natural lighting! I feel like these photos show the makeup a lot more accurately. I just love how it came out this time ~ even though it isn’t too different than the first trial, it still felt so much better on my skin this go around. Obvi important ❤

Have you ever got your makeup done professionally? Do you typically do a full face of makeup on yourself, like on the daily? Let me know in the comments! I would love to chat with you guys about this stuff (: and thanks so much for reading xo

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