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Another quick text post for you guys today. Do you prefer these to my photo-filled posts I publish normally? I would honestly be super curious to know. Let me know your feedback in the comments! It’s always appreciated (:

Anyways, happy Friday all! Welcome to the weekend. I wanted to share today what I’ll be up to in the coming weeks/what’s on my calendar/etc. in a more structured form than my scatterbrained update I gave earlier this week. I hope this is of interest to someone. Here’s what’s on deck for the rest of August:

Next Wednesday the 25th I’ll be getting my weekly blowout at my favorite salon. I do this because I have tendonitis in both my shoulders & if you’ve seen photos of me, you’ll know my hair is very long. My hair is also super thick, so it’s been difficult to manage for a long time. Luckily, I have the means to keep up this habit & the lovely ladies at this salon I go to are wonderfully accommodating to me. I enjoy this hour or so each week very much. I feel refreshed!

The day after that: Thursday the 26th, Justin & I (along with our wedding planner who’s also our florist) will be attending our menu tasting at our wedding venue. Very exciting! One of the ladies that works there has let us know that we don’t have to necessarily choose which meals we want to have at the reception until about two weeks before the actual date, but if we know when we taste it- then we can let them know then & there! I’m so looking forward to this part, but definitely not the bill lol this venue comes with catering, but we still have to pay for the meals per guest & so far almost 60 people have RSVP’d…time to get out the check book!

The next day: Friday the 27th, I have my next live chat counseling session thru Better Help. I still don’t really have a grasp on whether or not I like this service or if I’m just unsure about the counselor. I’ll keep you guys updated in case anyone is thinking about trying this route for themselves. It’s definitely easier than seeing someone in person, but that doesn’t always mean it’s “better” lol & that’s totally what matters (:

Jumping all the way to the Tuesday after that, the 31st is Justin’s birthday! He’ll be 25 this year (just like me in October) & we have to go into the city to pick up his cupcakes from the same bakery that will be making our wedding cake. Then he wants to have a few friends over at his store to play darts in the garage, maybe we’ll order a pizza & possibly even see a movie later that night ❤

That’s the last day of August, so that really wraps up the month. There’s for sure a lot to do in between, but those are the actual scheduled events on the calendar for now. I’ll be sharing more in my favorites & notes! I can’t wait to give Justin all the gifts I got him ~ I’ve been getting them in the mail all month from buying them online lol I’ve even given him a few early cause I just couldn’t wait! I really love birthdays & gift-giving (:

I hope the rest of your month goes well & ya’ll have the most wonderful weekend xo

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