Ipsy f0r August


With tomorrow marking just 75 days until our wedding, you can bet we’ve been very much in the thick of planning these last few weeks. So unfortunately, this Ipsy bag was the furthest thing from my mind. I did get photos of everything for you guys today, but no try-on at the end. Hopefully I’ll get some free time soon(?) to play around with all the new products I’ve been collecting over the past weeks/months while I’ve been…funnily enough…otherwise engaged. You know I had to make that pun lol seize opportunities ppl!

The bag & the mix

Really interesting bag (in a good way) & really interesting mix (in a not so good way) this month ^ the bag is more of an envelope kind of clutch with a snap closure, nude-colored-snake-textured outside & neon green satiny inside. Super unique! The group of items I received however…just weird. I gave the overall bag 2-stars cause a body lotion? Really Ipsy? A powder foundation? That’s even further from what I would want in my bag. I never use face products or even ask for them in my bags. Very OFF this month…

Barefoot Venus lemon freckle shea butter lotion

Not my thing, but I guess it would make a nice stocking stuffer for someone this upcoming holiday season ^ Justin usually likes lemon stuff, but I doubt even he would use a shea butter lotion lol I’ll figure it out (:

Ciaté London wonderwand mascara in black magic

I’ll always say it’s good to have another mini mascara in your makeup bag, makeup drawer, just laying around on your makeup desk, etc. ^ I’m sure this one is just as good!

Eleman Beauty eyeshadow duo in up in smoke & sierra

Same old colors/shades I keep seeing from Ipsy in my bags ^ whenever I receive any eyeshadows from them, I feel like they’re always in this same color family of neutrals or shimmery golds, rose golds, silvery kind of colors. I guess this can be a stocking stuffer for someone too. I probably already have these exact shades in a previous bag…

Pür 4-in-1 pressed mineral makeup broad spectrum SPF 15 in light

This one just blew me away when I saw it was going to come in my Glam Bag this month ^ a foundation? Really Ipsy? I might give them a pass if this was my first bag or something, but I’ve been receiving these for years now. I feel like they should have a better idea of my profile than to send me a face product. I def wish you could tell them to “block” more than one category of items!

Sophia + Mabelle lip slick hydration lip oil in juice bar

I chose this to go in my bag for August ^ I’m very excited to try it out once my lips stop acting up! It’s always something with them. We’ve had extreme heat here lately, but I’ve been leaving my personal humidifier on all day instead of just at night to try & combat the dryness in my lips (really my whole face, especially my eyes too which how itchy they’ve been recently). Crossing my fingers!

Illamasqua beyond powder highlighter in deity

I added this on because I’ve seen people raving about it & it looked special to me ^ I know this brand adds chemicals to some of their products that don’t necessarily need to be in there. I def don’t condone that, but I’ll let you guys know if this does well on my skin or if I happen to have some sort of reaction to it…hopefully not the latter, obvi (:

That’s all for August’s Ipsy! I hope you enjoyed a look at what I got in this month’s bag. Do you receive Ipsy? Do you get the base Glam Bag or one of the bigger ones? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to chat about it with ya. Thank you for stopping by & reading! Have a wonderful weekend xo

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