August fav0rites


End of summer!!! End of summer!!! It’s also Justin’s birthday today ~ he’s turning 25 ❤

Food & drink

Lots of tasty faves from this past month ^ having to go out & order in quite a bit with how busy we’ve been with work & wedding planning keeping us all tuckered out by the end of the day/week. Def gotta get back on a making-food-for-ourselves kind of schedule!

Skincare & selfcare

A few lil pick ups from random Ipsy deals & a new Fourth Ray product ^ plus, a splurge dress that’s sustainable! Justin & I also ate AT Panera instead of ordering (which is what we usually do), so that felt like a nice date (:

Just funny stuff

Some silly stuff ^ Among Us blind bags that Justin & I opened, that we got from Spirit Halloween when we did our first haul there. Dumb Sonic signage. I also have my friend in the passenger seat of my car now instead of the trunk of my car lol it’s spooky season!!!


At Justin’s store, we fed the geese that visit (:

So officially, happy spooky season ~ since tomorrow is September. It’s fall to me. Welcome to the good time of the year lol thank you for joining me today! I appreciate you (: hope you all have a fantastic week xo

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