August’s n0tes


Can you guess what we got up to in August? More wedding planning? You’re damn right! Lol I was just telling my hair stylist this week that next year it’s really gonna seem like we have nothing to do cause of how incredibly busy we’ve been lately…with Justin opening his store & having an actual work schedule, me still planning this wedding probably up until the day of ~ it’s seriously been a fully packed calendar every month. Luckily, I’ve had time to snap photos of things along the way to share with you all! My favorite part (:

Good eats

We had our menu tasting this month for our reception catering. We’ll be having a station dinner & also passed canapés during cocktail hour. We were pretty sure of what we wanted, but still obviously wanted to taste everything! The only thing we decided not to have was the two shrimps at the end station, we chose the Cajun one which was much more flavorful- the other was too similar to the cocktail shrimp we had during the appetizer portion. Our florist/planner joined us this day & it was a lot of fun being back at the venue again. We got some more of our questions answered & it’s really starting to feel like it’s getting close! Because I wanted us to have a really good cake for our wedding, last year after our engagement, I put down a deposit with one of the best/highest rated bakeries in our area to secure our date. Fast forward to this year when I contacted them again to talk design only to find out that they don’t do any decor with fondant (didn’t realize that the style I was looking at would have to be made with fondant). Because I still wanted us to have a cake made by this really great bakery, we opted to have a mini 6″ cake just for us & they were kind enough to recommend another bakery that could create our main cake the way we were envisioning it. That’s the digital art photo above ^ what our cake will look like! We had a tasting for the mini cake & ended up choosing two cake flavors with one icing flavor: apple spice & pumpkin with mascarpone. Very much fall vibes. We are so excited to have both of these lovely bakeries creating these amazing cakes for our special day. The small cake will have a more simple design of watercolor purple & gold dust decor + our gold doves topper we found on Etsy. The toppers we got for the main cake are sparkly, gold king & queen chess pieces (also from Etsy). We chose a small topper for our big cake cause we didn’t want to take any attention away from the details of the actual cake itself. It’s gonna be so gorgeous! I also ordered custom dipped Oreos for our late night dessert table. These I designed on Zazzle & we’re also going to get the same design done on cake pops as well (:

Favor fun

Something I’m super excited about are the favors I’m having made for our guests ^ these resin chess pieces (just kings & queens) that’re filled with dried purple flowers. I found someone on Etsy who I was able to message & work out a deal with. They were really sweet, helpful, and informative. I’m going to have 75 made total, but she sent me these 4 as samples to make sure that I was happy with the product before she went ahead with the full batch. I love them! They even have felt on the bottom which is so nice. I feel like this is a really unique gift. I’m also working on tea bags & spoons as favors too, but I didn’t want to add photos since I don’t have everything prepared for that yet. I picked up what looks like a fun game for me & my bridal party to play maybe over my bachelorette weekend. Has anyone reading ever played this? Let me know in the comments! I thought a good idea for place cards at the guests’ table setting would be these purple geode agate slices. I asked the Etsy seller what she recommended for me to write on them with & the gold marker above is what I got ^ it works well, but not flawlessly. I wrote each guests name on these & I think they make great favors too! As for our “escort cards” we have these keys. I thought a cool idea would be to use wine charms personalized with the guests names, attach them to the keys (with their table number on the back), then they can use that to mark their glass for the rest of the night! I also had custom ribbon made to make them a little more dressed up. I really love how these turned out as well & as much work as it is to put them all together ~ it’s been fun. The mirror I had purchased a while back from Etsy & knew I wanted to write something on it for our wedding. I didn’t want it to be for signage like “unplugged ceremony” kind of thing cause I wanted us to be able to hang it in the house afterwards or at least bring it to our next house to decorate with. So I chose this quote from Reign ❤ felt like it was very fitting with the theme & overall aesthetic of our wedding…

4 new ones

I finally got my other ear pierced! After being scared it would reject earrings again or just would never heal like it did previously, I finally went on my tattoo shop’s website & read up on their piercing info. I read about the healing process do’s & don’t’s. Basically, back when I got my other ear pierced last (like over 10 years ago) that piercer told me to do everything wrong. They told me to use the piercing cleaner to clean my earrings while it was still healing, which I now know you aren’t supposed to do- only use salt water solution. They also told me to twist/turn my earrings regularly while healing, which is a big no-no as that tears at the healing skin & basically breaks it all over again. That was done at a mall kiosk with a gun, so I’m not surprised that person didn’t know what they were talking about. It’s still hard to believe that my mom would take me there over an actual professional… Going to my tattoo shop, I felt comfortable, safe, confident, and excited to get my ears pierced! The piercer checked my ears thoroughly before the actually piercing began & walked me through the whole thing + healing process that I would be going through for the next 8 weeks or so. My left ear lobe obviously looks a little swollen in the photo above ^ cause she did 3 piercings in one day, but it healed up real nice within the next few days. I had very little bleeding. They’re doing super well even with the stupid ear caps I have to wear when I go to the salon each week for my blowouts. I’ll be able to wear my own jewelry for the wedding! Matching earrings if I want! That’s what I’m most excited for & after when I get my hair cut, it’s gonna look so much more balanced. I don’t even remember they’re there sometimes now, but I’m sure once I’m able to switch out the jewelry- I’ll be wearing different earrings everyday. So so happy (:

Those were my notes/goals accomplished for August. We did so much other stuff this past month, but I cannot even tell you how happy I am that summer is over. These past two days alone have been 80/75 degrees & it feels like fall already! What’s your favorite season? Let me know in the comments (: thanks for reading & supporting my blog. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend xo

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