Birthday bash x2


We celebrated Justin & my maid of honor’s fiancé Sean’s birthdays together the weekend before their actual birthday (which happens to be the same day) by going to the driving range. Here’s some photos I took:

The fit

Green & white outfit for the evening ^ a bit sporty, a bit cute too. I had my Kate Spade frog bag which even matched my nails (:

Hitting balls

We had a blast ^ we were in a bay altogether on the first level which I don’t think any of us had ever played on before. It was a little more difficult to get the balls in the air, but still just as fun! We all enjoyed ourselves (:

Drinks, snacks, company

Had to order drinks & snackage for the crew ^ I mean, we were celebrating & for two! It was such a fun night & I think we all really had a good time the whole time which can sometimes be rare (for me at least when it’s that hot out). Our bay was right by the automatic doors that went inside, so we got a nice breeze every now & then lol Justin ended up ordering tequila shots for us all! Cheers to 25 years! At least for him, Sean is a bit older. I’m next…in early October. Mid 20s

How old are you? If you’re willing to divulge haha I know sometimes that’s a question people don’t like to answer. But I’m curious to know about what kind of demographic of a following I have. Let me know in the comments if you want! Or just lemme know when your birthday is ~ see if we have any bday twins in our midst (: as always, thanks for reading & have a wonderful weekend xo

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