H0neym00n: part 2


Welcome to the second part of our trip! This was when we were in the panhandle of Florida to visit the Seacrest Wolf Preserve. I’ll be sharing a ton of photos from that experience & I encourage any of you who are able to go there/visit to definitely make the journey. It’s 100% worth it! Hands-down the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life…


We drove from TN to FL & checked into our AirBnB that night ^ unfortunately, this bed wasn’t as comfortable as the first lol but the place was an artist’s cottage & so cute! You can tell Justin was tired from all the driving.

Ready to see some wolves

We picked out a few paintings to bring home with us, since the host said we could purchase her art from around the AirBnB ^ so we left some cash on the counter for the ones we chose. This was the only day of the whole honeymoon I actually put makeup on cause I knew we would have so many photos taken…and I wore my Cyclones tee to make the “Teen Wolf” vibes even more aesthetic 😉

Nosey nuzzles

The first group we got to visit with were the arctic wolves ^ there were maybe 5 in the enclosure, but only 3 came up to see us & interact. We had our main guide basically talking us thru the wolves’ personalities/different traits/etc & the other guide was taking photos the whole time with Justin’s phone. They warned us ahead of time that we might receive some closed and/or open mouthed greetings from the wolves around our own mouth area & that this is totally normal, it’s just their way of saying hello (:


Next, we got to meet Maverick ^ he was in his own space with his mate Gray Cloud who was acting a little shy & didn’t wanna come up to see us while we were there. He seemed to want to follow her around too. So while we didn’t spend too much time with them, the lady taking photos got some great shots!

Rowdy bunch

These wolves just wanted to play ^ at one point (& it’s caught in one of the photos above actually), I had literal wolf teeth around my chin. Not in a scary or painful way- just that greeting thing again! It was the most bizarre experience of my life. I’m telling you guys, you have to go do this at least once. Even if it’s not at this specific preserve, I know there’s one in California as well that allows visitors to interact with the wolves they’ve rescued. It’s truly incredible.

Photo op

They really started showing off for the camera after they had their playtime though ^ they had to put the work in to make up for it lol real modeling hours right here! Have you ever seen a more beautiful animal? ❤

Tongues out for Dreamer

Dreamer, we were told, was the most interactive of all the wolves ^ that couldn’t have been more true! He wanted to lick Justin to pieces, he wanted to fully stand in my lap! He was a character- I’ll tell you… Definitely a fun way to end the wonderful day we had had at the preserve getting to meet all these magnificent wolves for the first time. I really want to make this a yearly tradition. We already symbolically adopted 4 of the wolves this past Giving Tuesday by donating to the preserve on their behalf. We also brought home a boat-load of souvenirs from their gift shop to give to family & friends (not only to support the preserve, but also in hopes it will persuade our loved ones to visit also). It really was a stellar time!

Dinner in Destin

We drove an hour south to the Gulf of Mexico where they had a Bubba Gump ^ I hadn’t been to one since sophomore year of high school *wow* so I was super excited! Justin had never been, but Forrest Gump is like his favorite movie, so I think he was even more excited! It was such a good night!

The next morning we had to check out of our AirBnB by 11am & we were on the road again, this time to North Carolina. That’s for another post…thank you so much if you’re following along or even if you’ve just read this one! I appreciate any support for my blog (especially after my pretty-much-month-long hiatus). I hope you all are having a happy holiday season so far & that you also have a wonderful weekend xo

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