H0neym00n: part 3


The last stop of our honeymoon loop was to see The Biltmore House in Asheville, North Carolina. This was our shortest AirBnB stay at just a single night since we were only stopping here to break up the long drive back up to Virginia. Justin suggested seeing it & it was something I’d never heard of, so here’s our tour of the largest residence in America (aka the home of the Vanderbilts).

Checked in

Winding up the mountain to get to this one was wild to say the least ^ they didn’t have lights (that we could find) outside by the hot tub, so we didn’t end up taking advantage of that amenity. As nicely designed as this cabin was, it ended up being the least clean of all the places we stayed over the week & it was the most expensive…so that was kind of a bummer. Especially since we couldn’t really use the hot tub in the pitch black of midnight in the basically wilderness. I did end up finally putting on a new set of nails this night since I wanted to dress a little nicer for our tour the next day. I wore this set up until just a few days ago! Idk how or why these specific ones stayed on for such a long time, but I really liked the style, so no complaints on that from me lol they did have a little cabin store set up inside so you could buy sort of “merch” to bring home. That was cute. Justin got a couple things (:

Checked out

Rise & shine ^ outta there by 11am! Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and ready to see this massive estate all dressed up for Christmas!

Already in awe

We’ve been to Maymont so many times, but that’s mostly for walking the grounds ^ this tour was all about the inside the house itself & wow was it HUGE. Everything was so ornate as well, like incredible details everywhere + the decor for the holidays?!

First few rooms

I lost count so quickly of how many rooms we had seen ^ we bought tickets for the audio-guided tour because it fit our timing right & it was more affordable that the tour led by an actual tour guide. They gave us all remotes at the front door & each room was numbered, so you punch in that number & hold it up to your ear to listen to a bunch of info about that specific room + its contents!

So many trees

If I had known there would be this many Christmas trees ^ I would’ve tried to count all of them when we started the tour haha

Walk to the library

The “hall” to the library was insane ^ not that the rest of the place isn’t also, but like…

Going up?

Can we get a chandelier like this in our next house? Lol Dover Hall & Biltmore House design inspo all over the Pinterest board ❤

A bunch of bedrooms

The colors in these spaces ^ the patterns & even the fabrics! Idk if you can tell, but one of the rooms had these velvet designs on the wallpaper that were behind glass/plastic to protect from all our grubby fingers. Crazy!

Take us down

Into the basement ^ they had this bizarre room that was painted brightly & randomly! Definitely my favorite room hands-down. They *of course* had the three things you would assume any rich family would have in a house this size: a bowling alley, a (massive/obvi indoor) pool, and a (very retro) gym.

Like the White House

I got photos of all angles of this thing for you guys ^ I also got Justin to take a photo of me standing in front of it to really capture how big it was! It smelled so lovely in there too!

Home stretch

The last leg of the tour ^ you know they had to squeeze a few more Christmas trees in lol

Wine tasting

Oh I didn’t tell y’all we got a complimentary wine tasting with our tickets? ^ you know I jumped on that opportunity & booked our time slot right after our tour. I liked 4 out of the 5 we tried (all except the last one, of course lol bad taste left in my mouth). Justin liked all of them though! We went shopping around the store a bit afterwards- picked up a few bottles & some souvenirs to gift too ❤

If you’re someone who’s into stuff like this or you know someone who is- I would totes recommend it. If not, obvi don’t spend the money cause it isn’t a cheap date haha but we def had a wonderful time seeing all the amazing architecture & decorations set up!

That’s a wrap on our honeymoon! Hope you all enjoyed an inside look at what we got up to for our excursions on our travel loop for the week. If you’ve followed along since part 1, I just want to say thank you for your continued support of us & my blog. You’re the realest. I’m not even sure what to post next cause I haven’t received my Ipsy bags for November or December yet… I guess you’ll have to tune in Friday to see! Thanks again for reading. Have a fantastic week xo

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