The big ch0p


Sharing my haircut with you all today! Yay!


I wanted to get one last photo of my hair blown out & long ^ but I did have to wash (& air-dry) my hair at home before going to the salon for this major haircut since I was going to be donating it. The charity requested in their instructions that the hair be in its natural wave pattern when put into the ponytails & cut. So I have the before photo of my natural hair as well. Look how long!!!


I love it ^ I had my stylist cut it to about my collarbone (when wet) so that my curls could shrink up to around shoulder-length when styled! I’m beyond happy with how it turned out initially & I’m going to skip the salon this week to wash/dry/style it at home myself. That way I can see whether or not I want to make any changes to the cut going forward. So far though- I’m adoring it!

Justin’s reaction/opinion

He loves it too! I always told him if I didn’t like it, I would grow it back out ^ but I’m so glad that we’re both happy with it. He really likes it which surprised me, but I think we agree that it really suits me well. I think it makes me look older while he thinks it makes me look younger lol it doesn’t really matter, but I’m interested to see what kind of fun hairstyles I can come up with & how different it’ll look when I have makeup on (:


It was almost 11 inches ^ which is how much I donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths years ago (when I was going into middle school). This time, since my hair had been dyed back to my natural shade, I had to find a charity that would take treated hair donations. Luckily, Hair We Share not only doesn’t charge for the wigs they make, but they accept dyed hair ponytail donations starting at just 8 inches! I filled out the form, bagged up my hair, and sent it off to be made into a wig for someone in need ^-^ so exciting! I love that there are resources available for people who have lost their hair to get that piece of normalcy back & I’m grateful to be a part of it. I’ll leave a link below if any of you are interested in donating to Hair We Share

Thank you very much for joining me today! I appreciate all of you reading & seeing this transformation (: I know I haven’t been the most consistent with blogging lately, but your support means the world. As always, I hope you have a wonderful weekend xo

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