Kitty captures


Just a lovely little post full of Rowan photos!


This sweet girl is our soft grey tabby ^ she’s somewhere over 2 years old & quite chunky from having kittens before we adopted her.

Kitchen bed

She fills up this bed like she’s turning into a liquid ^ it’s so funny to watch! We’re glad she feels comfortable enough to lay down in a place other than her own room though (:

Living room bed

This one she isn’t quite used to just yet ^ I’ve put her in it a few times now, but she only seems to wanna stay there while I’m sitting with her. We’re hoping she’ll like chilling in it as much as the kitchen one soon enough!


This day, she just wanted to show off her camouflage ^ her fur matches our couch & our carpet colors! Look at that cute face ❤


We had to take her to the vet the other day ^ after we got home, she decided she liked her carrier more than when we put her in it that morning! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I’m sure she’ll still put up a fight next time we have to plop her inside of it though!

Even weirder

She got in it ^ to lounge?! This was even more bizarre to me. Justin thought it was hilarious as well…as long as she feels safe ❤

We love our fur baby & yes, she’s fine (as far as the vet goes). She’s just a stinker & we wanted to make sure there weren’t any major issues we were overlooking (as we aren’t vets ourselves). I hope you enjoyed all the photos! She sure is adorable to look at (:

Thanks so much for reading & supporting the blog! It always means the world! I hope you all have a great rest of your week xo


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