New m0rning skincare r0utine


I’ve been using so many new/different products in the past months starting this new year of even more self care than the last & I think I’ve finally settled on my skincare routines for the morning & evening. Today, I’ll be sharing what I’ve been using each morning recently. This Friday, I’ll follow up with my nighttime skincare routine update!


My bare face ^ in very forgiving, bright natural light the morning before I got my most recent facial (last week). You can’t really tell from the photo, but my skin was gaining texture back & beginning to breakout at this point. I had started eating slightly differently, a little more healthier than I was before…so the only thing I can assume is that it was purging(?). I also got my lash lift conditioned the same day which helps them stay lifted the full eight weeks. The second photo was after the appointment + a tinted lip oil. The days following my skin purged even more & I didn’t document that. I’m sure it was due to the few extractions, but this routine I’m about to share with you all has fully recovered my skin since then (:

Rise & rinse

I start with the most non-glamorous part ^ washing the sleep out of my eyes. You can usually use any micellar water for this, but strangely enough some of them say not to use around the eye area- so just check for that. I love this one by Typology cause it’s super stripped down as far as ingredients go, but it still does everything it needs to! I drip a little out onto a cotton pad or even a q-tip sometimes & gently clean my eyes/eye area.

Smooth smackers

I can’t recommend either of these lip balms enough ^ the only reason I have them both in my routine is the first (Honest) doesn’t melt, the second (LaLa) does/will…so I only use LaLa Lips at home, never bringing it with me in a purse or pocket. The Honest lip balm has come with me everywhere & doesn’t fall apart or get all smooshed up in the heat of the summer! These are both great lip balms for training your lips into staying hydrated instead of craving hydration like a lot of other Chapstick brands. I always rinse my lips with water to make sure I’m not applying over any dead/flaked skin from overnight. So glamorous lol

Blank canvas

I didn’t want to add any of my true cleansers to this post ^ as I have one for each stage my skin is in at a certain time. So depending on my own diagnosis, I’ll choose which of my many cleansers (of different types/formulas) to use that morning). A lot of the time, I’ll opt for a gentle swipe of one of these face wipes just to get any product from the previous night’s routine off my face before applying the morning ones. Usually, when my skin is doing well, it doesn’t need a heavy cleanser!


I recently picked up this toner from Fourth Ray ^ one of my favorite brands (as you’ll notice). It has niacinamide & pineapple which helps eliminate redness + it smells so lovely in the morning! One of my biggest skin concerns has been redness & this has tremendously reduced the amount I see on my face on a regular basis. It’s so much easier to use than any other niacinamide product I’ve tried before…serums & moisturizers have caused pilling. Not this! I apply this liberally to my entire face with a cotton pad after cleansing. Tip: if you’re going to use products with certain ingredients in them, always Google which are ok to mix together. You don’t want to be counteracting helpful effects or worse, giving yourself a chemical burn on your face

The new thing

You all know me ^ the ad got me with this one! I saw Sunday Riley (another brand I love) & who could resist a product named PINK DRINK? I made sure that peptides were safe to use with niacinamide before incorporating this after my new fave toner & they actually work super well together! This is an “essence” which you should use after cleansing & toning, but before serums/oils & other heavy creams or moisturizers. It says you can spray it directly on your face or into hands & pat into skin…so I’ve been spraying it as soon as my toner has dried down. I always make sure to pull my lips in when spraying products on my face bc they’re super sensitive! Tip if yours are the same 😉

Pink to match

When in doubt, match the color ^ don’t take my word for it lol I’m sure this doesn’t always work…but in my skincare collection, a lot of the time- it has! I wasn’t really sure which moisturizer to use after the essence. This one from Fourth Ray is kind of my go-to (having combination skin) since it’s a gel. It feels super refreshing in the morning to smooth all over & you can’t forget the neck!

Wakey wakey

Brighten those peepers too ^ I recently picked up this serum & balm from Tula. I’ve been using the serum consistently (day & night), but the balm I just started using since I had given up caffeine for Lent. I like them both, but as with most under eye products, I think I’ll see results more over time. It’s definitely a good thing to start now though!

Going out?

Speaking of good things to start ^ I found a sunscreen that isn’t nasty on my face? Yes! It does give me a bit of an extraordinary glow, but it feels like absolutely nothing on the skin which is so mind blowing for sunblock. It’s a gel consistency just like my moisturizer. I know I should wear this everyday, but I really only wear it when I know I’ll be going outside (even once). So that’s something! Establishing good habits (:

Keep ’em healthy

I was looking up “at-home” lash tints online, when I came across this clear one from Honest Beauty ^ it does look more white, but that color doesn’t cling too much to the lashes. I also bought one in black for days I plan on going out. This is just something I thought would be easier than finding a lash serum that’s non-irritating cause it’s serum-infused already & you apply it like mascara!

Ready for the day!

Finishing my routine with this mist ^ is like setting my makeup. It gives the whole thing that feeling of finalization which is nice while completely unnecessary as my face is plenty moisturized (especially if I applied sunscreen). It smells good & feels good, ok?

A few days

Different days, different skin conditions, different lighting (lol) ^ same skincare routine. I’ve been keeping to it & loving how my skin is feeling/looking…my hair too! ❤


Just took these today ^ still using the same products in the same order. I’m looking forward to getting my first Hydrafacial next month. It’ll be nice to go to the spa with better skin than I went in with last time! Crossing my fingers my skin won’t react poorly to something as powerfully cleansing & helpful. I wasn’t able to book another lash lift before we leave for our trip (which is when I’m due for my next one), but I plan on wearing false lashes that whole weekend anyways lol I can’t wait to share all the photos we take with you guys! Do you have any fun plans coming up? Summer plans? (:

Had to…

I haven’t tried this one yet ^ but while I was buying the Pink Drink, I saw it & had to grab it to test out. I’m hoping I like it as much as the Tula one, but this one isn’t waterproof either…so I have a third one on the way >;)

Do you prefer affordable skincare? Do you like splurging on self care & getting the expensive stuff? I have a bit of both! Let me know in the comments- I love talking to y’all

Thank you so much for reading this (finally) lengthy blog today & for bearing with me as I got back into my groove. I hope you all will join me for part 2 on Friday when I share my nighttime skincare routine…until then, have yourselves an incredible week please xo


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