The closest little town to us hosts an annual celebration of trains centered around the tracks that run through it. Justin & I went this past weekend, so I figured I’d share all the photos we took while we were there (:

The day’s look

I wore makeup for the first time in forever ^ without my signature wing & lashes mind you because I knew I would be wearing my sunglasses most of the day anyways. It was beautiful, weather-wise! I got to wear a dress for the first time this spring season & some of my favorite shoes: my Tevas + socks


It was such a relaxing day ^ we just walked around seeing all the vendors’ tents & the occasional train zoom by. A few of Justin’s friends were there & came by to hang out with us for a while too! We all just chilled…


We ate @ IronHorse ^ I got the crab cake sandwich & Justin had a BBQ pulled pork quesadilla. Our drinks were delicious: I got some blackberry basil cocktail w/ tequila & he ordered an old fashioned that had walnut + chocolate liquors! Would def go back there

Ending out the day

We didn’t plan on staying so long ^ but we were actually there for about 6+ hours! It was just so lovely to be outside on a nice day & not have errands to run for once lol also we visited one of our favorite pet stores, saw some small farm animals that were outside the feed store, checked out a bunch of plants/flowers that we’ll have to come back for, and even met some tattoo artists who are opening a shop at the end of this month!

What’re you up to in May? Any plans kicking off the summer? Traveling or vacationing this year? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to chat with y’all about it sometime. Thanks as always for reading & I hope everyone has a great rest of their week xo


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