0n a kick


I’ve been on a roll lately since reading the first half of Atomic Habits with Justin last month! Trying to be more positive & productive while also eating healthier & more often to gain back the weight I lost at the end of last year. I’ve been working on keeping my skin clear both by what I eat & the skincare routine(s) I’m implementing…

Fuel your body

I’ve been obsessed with these blends from this small business I found on Instagram called Apothekary ^ my favorite so far is called Blue Me Away. I finished the small jar & have since bought the larger size they offer. I got a few more to try! The two I’ve been mixing together are You Dew You & Glow Getter (skin-focused). I made a latte with them using original almond milk & a splash of French vanilla creamer. I also made a smoothie with them using vanilla Greek yogurt, frozen blueberries, frozen blackberries, frozen raspberries, blackberry-pomegranate jam, and original almond milk. Delicious & basically skincare in a drink! I’ve been trying to stay on top of my three meals every day. I made soft-boiled eggs & a double batch of pasta salad with green peppers & mozzarella cheese the other day… YUMMY (:

New (good) habits

I started using the Fabulous app ^ every day to track my habits & routines throughout the day/week. I even updated my phone for the first time in forever (hate when they change stuff on the iOS, so I always try to avoid it for as long as I can). Now I’m even using the Health app to track a few different aspects like my water & caffeine intake vs. when I get headaches and/or acne. I also set up a sleep schedule on my phone, so it tells me when I need to start getting ready for bed/bedtime. I don’t wanna start slacking off, especially when it comes to my sleep schedule. It really sets everything else in motion for me. Where are you right now as far as your goals are concerned? Could you be doing better or pushing yourself to reach them? What habits or routines could you implement to change your daily life to be more positive? Just something to think about

I hope you enjoyed this mini-post today & I hope you all have a wonderful weekend xo


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