Bridgert0n Experience


Our friends invited us to an event in the nation’s capital two weekends ago. Even though Justin & I haven’t seen Bridgerton, we thought the idea Sean had to surprise Kaila with the experience for Mother’s Day was so sweet! She loves the show & we were very excited to join them in celebrating ❤

Serving looks

I got ready for like three hours that morning ^ but my makeup (& somehow even my hair) slayed! Justin looked so handsome in his summer suit too! I was happy I found the dress I had completely forgotten I had lol…


They had an amazing bar in both rooms ^ with delicious cocktails! I had two & Justin was super tipsy after just his first one haha


Like I said, we haven’t watched the show ^ but I can only imagine that the decorations in the venue were spot-on. It was lovely!!!


The end of the event was basically just a huge dance party in the secondary room ^ it was really fun though! Justin & I had a blast

Blooper reel

The laughs continued into the car ^ we went with our friends to get Hibachi for dinner after the event. It was super yummy & much needed for everyone after the drinks/dancing…overall a wonderful experience (:

Have you watched Bridgerton? Are you a fan of the show? Would you go to an event like this? Let me know in the comments! Tell me what you think of my outfit too! Did I do the theme justice as an “outsider”? Thanks as always for reading & I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week. Catch ya later!


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