New editing app?


I’m sure if you have Instagram you’ve seen at least one person you follow post a picture edited with this app or you’ve got an ad for it on your feed recently. It’s called “Prequel”

Pay to play

A lot of the “cooler” features or AI editors are locked behind a paywall ^ so I’ve been mostly using the cartoon filter to change my photos. I started with some older ones when I had longer hair (to see how it would make my waves & the color look). I love the vibe!

The lob look

Then I wanted to see it transform some of my recent fave photos of my shorter (but not the shortest) hair ^ these are all super cute!

Bridgerton makeup

I absolutely adore the way it makes my dress look in these photos ^ I feel like a real life Disney Princess & it’s so fun to use on ones with patterned or solid backgrounds cause they make really creative profile pictures (:

The convention…

I’ll be posting more about this event soon ^ but look how sweet Justin looks with this filter?! I think it’s just so precious ❤ Q T PI

After a hydrafacial?

My skin as glowy as can be ^ my tattoos even look cool through this app! Gotta love it (:

Filter + filter

Snapchat + Prequel? Say less ^ these are so dope! Now why do I suddenly want a neck tattoo & a pet pigeon lol completely kidding

What’s your favorite app to play with your photos in? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for checking out my blog today & I hope you all have a great rest of your week!


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